7 Winter Earring Trends to Get Familiar With Now

Let’s face it. When the sun sets at five o’clock and it is so cold you don’t ever want to go outside, the winter blahs start to set in. But you don’t have to give in to the urge to hibernate for the winter when you have fun new accessories to brighten your day and make your night sparkle.

Forget about Jack Frost. These winter earring fashion trends will make you want to get out and show off your style. Make winter even brighter for yourself and someone you love, with a gift box for earrings that will warm even the coldest nights.

Winter Earring Trends to Get Familiar With Now

Earring Subscription

An earring subscription is a great way to beat the winter blues. You’ll be eager to get to the mailbox when you know you’ve got a brand new surprise coming every month. A monthly earring subscription comes with a beautiful earring gift box that will freshen up your wardrobe without fighting the holiday shopping crowd.

An earring subscription makes an excellent gift as well. Imagine the joy and delight on your loved one’s face when they get a gift box for earrings in the mail with earrings that will compliment their every look. When you order an earring gift box from Rowan, you can be sure that it will include only the highest quality hypoallergenic, lightweight earrings sure to please any fashion lover in your life.


When you think of winter, you don’t necessarily think flowers, but this winter, florals are in. A floral earring reminds you that spring is not far off, and will help you forget the wind howling outside. Bring some subtle sparkly dazzle to your look with sweet flower posts. Or, get your mind thinking spring all season long with a serious pop of color. Wear big bright statement florals during the day, or smaller, more elegant florals when night falls. When you add floral earrings to your winter look, you’ll brighten every room. Everyone will notice your optimistic personality when you remind them of sunshine even during the darkest season of the year.


Huggies are like a hoop earring, only smaller. They stay close to the earlobe and add just a hint of sparkle to your look. Worn alone, huggies are the perfect earring for a regular day at the office. Or get on the layering bandwagon, and combine them with other earrings to glitz up your outfit for a night on the town. Huggies add sparkle to post earrings, making your accessories more interesting. You can wear them with larger hoops to balance out your look or add a cuff or climber to complete your theme.


Usually, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but this winter, it’s pearls. Pearls used to be seen as haughty, but not when you combine them with hot, shiny rhinestones and gold. Bring out the glam with earrings made from a mix of materials and let the world know you want it all. You can still wear a more understated pearl earring to work. But when night falls, dazzle everyone at the party with pearl earrings that make you feel like a rockstar.

Bold Statements

Big, bold statements are in this year. Whether it is collarbone-kissing tassels that glisten in the nighttime lights, or chunky chains dangling from your lobes, big is in. Fashionistas are wearing bright colors of every kind, and some popular pieces even have a homemade look to them. Make sure you get noticed and are not afraid to live out loud this winter, with some statement earrings guaranteed to attract attention.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are all the rage because you can layer your jewelry and wear as many cuffs as you want without ever getting another piercing. Ear cuffs just rest on the ear—usually the upper part of the ear—so you can stack as many on as you like. And layering is the name of the game this year. Go all out with gold all the way up your ear, or mix the materials for a more artsy look. You can even wear a stud or hoop and attach it to a cuff with a gold or silver chain.

Your Unique Style

Fashion seems to be all over the place this winter. Which is excellent news for you! You can experiment with a new look, or just amp up and refresh your classic sense of style. Whatever you choose, your personal taste is what is in this year. If you are a fan of diamond studs or gold hoops, try something different with a pop of color, or maybe layer your look with a subtle huggie or ear cuff. If you love to make adventurous or audacious fashion choices, this is your year. Amp up your wardrobe with the latest mixed material statements or collar-kissing rhinestones and pearls. No matter what fashion trend you follow this winter, don’t give in to the winter blahs. Get out there, be yourself, and brighten your day with some color and shine. Make it twice as nice when you share the gift of an earring gift box with a friend!



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