New Time Hair Website Upgrade——Only For The Best Shopping Experience!

In the wake of the new year of 2022, we have achieved one of the most groundbreaking breakthroughs in a decade, as you might have known already. Yes, our website has gone through a revolutionary upgrade project. It is finally put into use after a four-month wholehearted dedication of the entire operations team! This is a tremendous milestone throughout the history of New Times Hair, as the first-ever holistic website upgrade reflecting huge significance. 

In the best interest of our clients, we have added the feature of direct online shopping that many of our clients have once wished for. Everything is designed in the hope of giving our clients a better shopping experience that will make things much more efficient and user-friendly. We have devoted so much effort to this website upgrade project over the past few months and overcame all sorts of challenges. And we believe it is completely worth it! 

This is an unprecedentedly groundbreaking move in the hair wig wholesale world. From now on, many things will be different. With our newly added online shopping feature, you can place orders directly on our website, just like how you usually shop online. All our products are carefully categorized based on base type, gender, coverage type, and product type. And they can be easily located through our highly advanced filter feature. All pages are very easy to navigate, allowing you to quickly seize the critical information without spending much time and effort. There is a very detailed product introduction of each hair wig, accompanied by its customer reviews, product video demonstration, and comprehensive step-by-step user tutorials. Suppose you are interested in making a purchase. In that case, you can just log in and see the prices and add the item to cart after specifying the quantity needed. You can then proceed following the instructions until the order is successfully placed at the end. The whole ordering process is straightforward to navigate and efficient. All we want is for you to have the best shopping experience on our website.

What is more, by registering an account to become a member, you are entitled to very generous offers and discounts. In the case of placing bulk orders, offers and discounts of larger degrees will be available for you! In addition, we have also done a number of upgrade works in terms of UI and product display, all in strict accordance with the fundamentals of e-commerce.

At New Times Hair, we are always open to innovations and improvements, which is why in the new year, we are going to release some new fashionable wig models, as well as some trendy hair colors to better cater to the ever-changing needs of the users. We believe only by consistently making improvements can New Times Hair provide you with the most outstanding products and services!

Our company was founded in 2012. The year 2022 marks the milestone that New Times Hair has been deeply devoted to the field of hair wig wholesale for a decade. No words can express our gratitude for the thousands of our partners from all over the world. Their trust and commitment are always what keep us motivated to become a better hair wig supplier. We believe the next decade will be a more splendid journey for all of us to thrive and make an impact in the hair wig world!

Please feel free to reach your sales rep for help If you have any problems or questions when navigating our website. And it would be our pleasure to receive your feedback on anything regarding our new website, so we will see if any further improvements could take place to make things better for you!



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