Why Winter Is The Best Season For Style

When many of us think of the colder months, how many of us think of cosy extra layers and being surrounded by warmth and that of your favourite comfortable rug, cuddled up with your ultimate comfort food?

Much like other animals, particularly other mammals, some of us choose to hibernate into our solaces during the winter, packing on the extra layers to keep warm. 

While those others have fur and fat to keep them warm, we pack on the extra clothes (and yeah, maybe a kilo or two from a little extra cheesy pasta) to compensate for hair and fur.

However, that doesn’t mean that your extra layers can’t make a great outfit, for all shapes and sizes. 

From overcoats to boots; from jackets to gloves to keep your hands warm, there are so many styles and components that can keep you cosy while looking absolutely fantastic!

For why hide away in a den when you can make a statement about what is next to come?

Colour Palette:

When it comes to clothing for the various seasons, winter doesn’t have to be drab. This is where making a statement and being bold can be a great choice. 

As for creating street style, this is the season where we vampires with our pasty, pale skin complexion can really stand out with colours, with dark hues and rich tones being our friends. 

From deep purples to crimson and bold red, paired with the base of black and navy blue. You can also mix in well with earthy tones of rich brown in those such as boots and khaki coats. 


As I mentioned earlier, this is what makes us often feel cosy and comfortable in the winter months. 

The good thing about the cold weather is that you can never have too much clothing, which is not so easy to do in the summer, for the more heat we build up, the more we end up trying to cool down. 

Whereas the colder it gets, you just add more, it’s a win-win situation for you can add a lovely woollen knitted sweater (jumper) to that of a skivvy shirt, a hugging pair of jeans and a great pair of boots. 

Layers can help insulate you and keep you dry, given the best materials. 


There is nothing that says winter avenue style more than a good coat. This is also the layer of clothing that gives you the most protection against the elements. 

Whether you live in the chilly south of Tasmania or the more northern areas of the country, there is no doubt we are going through a cold burst. 

From the stylish caramel of a light overcoat to a hearty trench coat that will get you through even the harshest of winter weather, they are a stand-out staple of which every winter wardrobe should have at least one. 

Therefore, whether out for a walk or going on an outdoor adventure, don’t forget to dress for the climate. 


When it comes to winter couture, it’s easy just to focus on the areas that are going to keep our bodies purely warm – the linings of pants, the coat, the base and the sweater. 

While that is great, there is one area that so many of us, myself included, forget – our hands.

How many of you have found yourselves breathing into your hands on a cold day and rubbing them together just to keep them warm? 

Your hands and feet are the furthest away from your heart. Therefore, they can have a tendency to feel the cold faster than other areas, as your blood flow may not be as warm when it reaches them. 

Therefore, remember that a lovely, colourful pair of gloves, or indeed, a staple black can be the perfect addition to any winter outfit. 

Scarves and Beanies: 

While the outer layer of a coat and gloves can certainly be a wonderful barrier against the bitter cold of winter, there seems to be nothing that says snug, warm clothing like that of a good scarf and a toasty beanie. 

Whether knitted yourself or the latest style, the best fabric to have is that of natural wool, as this will help keep you warmer and is good if you have a skin sensitivity to synthetic fibres. 

They are also a brilliant way to give off accents of colour in a winter outfit. Pops of colour can really help to elevate your winter style and a perfectly matched scarf and beanie can be the final flourish to a great look. 


Hence, when it comes to winter style, you don’t have to shield yourself away in a cocoon and feel that the world is a drab blend of murky and grey. 

From colours to materials and the best garments for you, you can still be a style standout amongst the cold.

May you stay stylish and stay warm dear readers! 



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