5 Best Fashion Trends of This Year

When it comes to the fashion trends of 2022, there have been some great styles. If you’re putting together an updated wardrobe and are curious about the best looks for you, here are a few great fashion trends to consider this year:

Winter dresses

What we mean by winter dresses are women’s dresses that can be warm enough for the colder months while also looking fantastic with boots and tights. A summer dress is better left for the summer, so shop around for cute dresses that can look good with a coat and your favorite winter boots.

Puffy sleeves are in but so are long sleeve dresses with cutouts—we want to show some skin, even if it’s wintertime. Ask your personal stylist to help you pick out dresses that will work best for you.

Crochet sweaters

When it’s cold but you want to look as cute as a button, there’s nothing better than a crochet sweater. Crochet tops were all the rage in the summer and even though it’s cold in these later months of the year, the style isn’t going anywhere.

From bright colors to fun patterns, crochet sweaters can be a lot of fun to wear at what is a gloomy time of the year. Order some yarn and crochet your sweater yourself or look on Etsy for crochet sweaters and find some unique looks.

Fringe, fringe

A bit reminiscent of old cowboy days, fringe is all the rage in 2022. Whether you’re wearing a cute top with some fringe or keeping warm with fringe jackets, this year has seen the return of a style that we are in love with.

And to be honest, it’s not only in our clothes that we’re seeing fringe, but hairstyles are bringing it back as well, so when in doubt about your style, choose fringe. Browse your fashion app to find the best fringe look for your preferences. You can dress up for a night out but stay warm with your great fringe jacket that will look good for almost any fun plan you have with your honey or friends.

Hoodies with a blazer

You’ve seen it on celebrities, and you can consider wearing it as well. Hoodies under blazers are a unique style that looks good on nearly anyone, regardless of gender or style. A hoodie under a blazer shows both comfort and style and can have you looking like a fashionista while also ensuring that you stay warm.

You can choose a larger blazer to fit your hoodie underneath or choose a hoodie made out of thinner material so that it fits under your fitted blazer. Either way, when you want to stay warm and look good in the winter of 2022, this is a good look for you.

Bomber jackets

If you’re looking for a way to stay warm and look good, even if you’re just running errands or meeting up with friends, bomber jackets are all the rage. Oversized or fitted, a bomber jacket is a look that always looks stylish, regardless of your sizing preference.

Choose a color that goes well with your other winter wear or go with a bold pattern that turns heads wherever you go. Either way, bomber jackets aren’t going anywhere in 2022, and probably not in 2023 either.

In Conclusion

From fringe jackets to crochet sweaters, bomber jackets, and hoodies paired with blazers, the styles that are in for this year are making sure you stay warm while also staying trendy with the season. What kind of look do you most prefer? A casual vibe for hanging out with your friends or a fashionista look for date nights and dinners with the gals? There’s a look for any occasion in 2022’s latest winter trends and we’re here for it!



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