5 Eye Makeup Hacks to Enhance your Face Look


Your eyes are your most attractive feature. They’re also the most expressive. Eye makeup has always been associated with femininity and beauty. It’s why women will go all in to enhance their eyes.

While traditional eye makeup may serve you well, sometimes you need something extra. But applying makeup to the eye is tricky, and most women don’t know how best to go about it. How do you make your eyes stand out? Here are five hacks that’ll give your eyes some pop!

Hack 1: Apply Eyelash Glue With A Bobby Pin

To achieve that sharp eye look you see on models, you need a minor DIY lash touch-up! Start by getting a great pair of lashes. You can’t go wrong with a set of  Lash bomb. Then, instead of using cotton swabs, apply a few glue dots with a bobby pin to the lash band. After this, wait until the glue dries before attaching to your eyes. This will save time, and you’ll avoid wasting half the tube trying to get the glue exactly where it belongs.

Hack 2: Apply Eye Shadow Across Your Lower Lash Line

The traditional way of lining your lower lash line with a pencil can have a slimming effect on your eyes. It also tends to make you look more tired than anything else. Luckily, there is a better way to instantly add oomph to your peepers while helping other eye makeup stay perfectly in place. Apply a hint of light brown or taupe eyeshadow along the lower line of your eyes. Do this before applying your mascara. When done correctly, this technique makes any concealer applied underneath your eyes appear undetectable.

Hack 3: Warm Up Your Pencil Liner For Easy Glide

Ever experienced skipping or tugging when trying to use an eye pencil liner? Well, it’s much easier to draw a well-defined line when your pencil or kohl is soft enough that it glides smoothly on your skin. If you enjoy making art that involves melting crayons, then kohl eyeliner pencils may already be your muse. But if not, consider this an easy makeup tip with a bit of fun and whimsy! To get started, hold your pencil tip under the flame on a lighter until it becomes slightly malleable. Once it’s cooled down enough so that it doesn’t hurt when it touches your skin, try drawing that line again.

Hack 4: Powder Your Lashes.

Want to get fuller, longer lashes? A little bit of powder will help puff them up. First, layer some power on your lashes after applying mascara, then generously dust the excess off with a fluffy brush. This will make your eyelashes look fuller and thicker because it creates more volume for them to stand out. Add another coat of mascara, and that’s it.

Hack 5: Turn Your Spoon to a Stencil For Winged Liner

If you’re struggling with nailing your winged eyeliner look, try drawing the shape first and filling it in. If that isn’t working, grab a spoon and use it as a stencil. Hold the stem of a spoon against the outer corner of your eye, then use a liquid eyeliner to draw a straight line. This is the first step for your cat eye. Next, flip that spoon over so that it’s hugging your eye in place, and create an effectively curved line with the liner.


Achieving a great eye look is all about using tricks that complement your eyes. If you have almond-shaped eyes, just about any style will look fantastic. If you have rounder eyes, focusing on the outer corners on your bottom lash line can bring them out. If your eyes are upturned, try some dark shadow or liner on the base of your upper lashes. Finally, if they are downturned, use light colors. Next time you get the chance, try a few of these tricks and thank us later!



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