5 Top African American Wedding Hairstyles & Hairdos

The big day is almost here. While you’re stressed out about your wedding gown, the bridal dresses, and who forgot to order the cake, your hair is another big issue waiting in line.

African American hair is beautiful yet a bit tricky to handle. Mostly kinky and curly, you need to figure out the best up-do for your hair that won’t disappoint your groom from saying “I do.” But luckily, there’re a lot of choices. Still, that brings yet another problem – which is the best?

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While the best hairdo for your African American hair will be influenced by your hair length and preferences, these five might just be the ones that will tickle your fancy.

Top African American Wedding Hairstyles & Hairdos

Straight Hair Elegant Up-do

While deeply curled African American hair is highly valued, some sisters still have a knack for straight hair. And if you happen to be one of them, then this is the hairstyle you can go for.

The elegant straight hair up-do does a perfect job in extenuating your chic sense of style. Thus, it is perfect for the bride who’s not shy of experimenting with elegant outdoor venues and a dramatic back for her gown.

You can also add a bit of glittery accessory to the hair, especially at the knot of the bun for that final elegant touch.

And if you do happen to have the innate fear for hot combs and burnt hair, then you can opt for a straight hair lace front wig from vendors such as https://www.evawigs.com/54-lace-front-wigs, to try this hairdo on.

One-Sided Natural Curls

For this one, you don’t need the dreaded hot comb throwing hellish embers around your neck. Your natural afro hair will do just fine. Problem is, you better have the length for it if you want to go all-natural.

So what’s special about the one-sided natural curls?

Simplicity. And that’s something you want for your wedding, given how much time and struggle handling other logistics will cost you.

Alternatively, you can have your bridesmaids wear this.

This style, apart from being utterly simple, also provides the much-needed cooling for an outdoor wedding or heated, vibrant dancefloor during the reception.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Straight Full Braid

Braids rarely fail to impress. And for this particular braid, you’ll look stunning and well set for an epic beach wedding.

The straight full braid consists of a big braid, swept to the side for not only an elegant look but also a romantic one that will either have the groom say “I do” too early, or get you a fiancé while watching your friend get married.

For this particular style, accessories add the final, sealing detail. In most cases, white pearl earrings or gems can do the trick. And for that final bridal queen look, a bridal tiara would fit perfectly with the hairdo.

Barely There Up-do

Let’s face it. Some ladies just hate the salon. And with African American hair, just going for a simple up-do can see you spend over half a day getting your hair done. So, if you prefer keeping it super short – but nothing Jordan, then this up-do will be perfect for your wedding.

All you need is another trip to the barbershop for a little bit of trimming. And once your hair has been evened out by the razor, you now think of accessories that will seal the look on this one.

In most cases, a veil can make this hairdo look very attractive. And if you’re a fan of experimentation, you can add a stylish hat on top of the veil for an even bolder look.

Black Swirled Hairdo

If you’ve worn a straight hair weave or straightened your hair, this is yet another look you can try. The black swirled hairdo is preferred for the bride who’s going for a glamorous retro feel.

With this style, the super sleek hair is swirled into circles, creating the retro look. The glamor is then added by a jeweled hair clip that seals the deal on this one.



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