What Your Feet Says About You?

If you were under the impression that only your face and dresses could talk, then hold on that thought! The shape of your foot can actually give you insights into your character and personality traits. Yes! Not only your hands and face, but your feet also reveal a lot about you! Doubtful about this whole thing and feel it’s too ‘jazzy’? Then, why not read on and find out What Your Feet Says About You. Now, stop staring at your feet already and read to know what type are your feet and what personality predictions it makes!

What Your Feet Says About You


Foot Shapes

If you are looking to categorize feet shapes, you will possible end up with the four shapes that are commonly seen –

  • The Roman foot
  • The Square foot
  • The Greek foot
  • The Egyptian foot

The Roman Foot: If your feet are wide and your toes are not longer than the big toe, but long enough, you have a Roman foot. You will then be outgoing, very sociable, and a very good orator. At work, you will be well liked by the powers that matter because of your resourcefulness and energy. You will love new experiences and travelling.

The Square Foot: If all your toes are the same length, then you have what is known as a square foot. It is also called Peasant foot. You are serious decision makers, and you weigh both aspects of a situation forever. You are reliable and practical and make a great friend. If your fourth toe is rather long, then you are extremely caring as a person.

The Greek Foot: This foot shape is also known as fire foot or flame foot. People who have this shape are active and creative, as well as opinionated, enthusiastic, and can motivate others as well. If you have this shape, then you might also get easily stressed because of your spontaneous and impulsive lifestyle.

The Egyptian Foot: If you have a thin tapering foot shape, you have the Egyptian foot, also known as the Stretched foot. You are a private person and so you don’t give away what is in your heart very easily. You are not the emotional type but you can be moody and apparently impulsive.


Foot Size

If you have small feet, then you will have a rocking love life and be content with your lot in life. You will have hectic jobs though.

On the other hand, if you have rather big feet, you will be driven to succeed.

According to a study done in Sweden, here is the life expectancy according to shoe size:

Size 4:         64-69

Size 5:         70-76

Size 6:         77-82

Size 7:         78-84

Size 8:         73-75

Size 9:         70-72

Size 10:       67-70

Size 11:       66-69

Foot Width

The width of your foot indicates whether you work hard and if you have a wide foot, you will be a go-getter, while if you have narrow feet, you would be delegating work.


Foot Arch

People with flat feet are sociable and love to be surrounded by people. If you have a high arch, you are independent and have a high intellect, and you also dream a bit.

Remember you need to keep your feet clean so that they don’t become smelly. Don’t always wear closed shoes and wash your socks regularly. In case your bad odor persists, do check with a doctor that it is nothing more serious.


Fun Fact: Ticklish feet are a sign of good health. If your feet are not ticklish, your nerve receptors could be functioning wrong.

What your feet says about you is actually a lot of factors – foot shape, width, size, arch and sensory aspects. I reiterate that you keep your feet clean and odor free and you will be able to go feet first into life.



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