First Date Help: What to Wear to Impress Your Date

It is natural for any man to feel somewhat jittery while he is going out on his first date. Most of them might be wondering what to wear on that special occasion. In fact, they might be attempting every means to make the girl go weak in the knees while meeting them for the first time. Below, we have thrown light on some essential tips for men on how to dress impeccably while going out on their first date.

What to Wear to Impress Your Date

Refrain from wearing Khakis

You will come across many men who like to sport khakis on their first date. However, fashion experts have recommended not wearing khakis on this special occasion. According to many experts, khakis are not attractive at all and will not be able to entice any woman whatsoever. In fact, they are appropriate for a rugged appearance and a rather casual outlook. At present, you can wear a pair of good jeans in almost any type of dating scenario except dining out at some eateries having a stringent dress code. Wearing a simple dark pair of denim jeans along with a trendy-looking T-shirt will work just fine in alluring the woman whom you are trying to attract.

Add Some Color

It is imperative that a little color can work wonders. You will come across some men who like to go for the all-black dress; however, dressing in all black will not be the best idea on a first date. Instead, use the black color sparingly as an accent. In the same manner, refrain from wearing beige given that this natural shade is quite boring especially while you are on a first date. The trick will be to add some color in a subtle manner to achieve that attractive and not-so-staid appearance. Of course, you can look at the color wheel to get a fair idea regarding what color you can use for this occasion. It is advisable to go for a dress shirt along with forest green, Cobalt blue, or maroon sweater or blazer.

Avoid wearing a Striped Dress Shirt

You need to ignore your striped T-shirt in case you like to impress your girl. In fact, a striped shirt can only kill your chances. You will find stripes almost everywhere irrespective of whether it is an eatery or a shopping mall. Therefore, abandon your idea of wearing a striped dress shirt on your first date. Instead, you can go for a subtle pattern which will attract your sweetheart. Nevertheless, always remember to tuck in your shirt. Wearing your shirt halfway in and halfway out will not only look frustrating but annoying as well.

Do not Ignore your Footwear

We all know that women are obsessed with men’s footwear especially while they are on a first date. You need to make sure that your shoes are in immaculate condition so that you will be able to impress your lady. For this, you can go for your work shoes so long as they match with your clothes. You can put on a pair of sneakers, cap toes, or even wingtips with a pair of attractive jeans for this special night. Just make sure they are in top condition and appear flawless. Take care that there are no scuff marks on the sides of the shoes or even at the top or bottom and do not forget to polish the shoes comprehensively. Bear in mind that it does not matter whether you are dating bigger women or a woman of the average size, they all have the same notion regarding dressing up on any special occasion. Therefore, everything you wear on your first date including your footwear ought to be in tip-top condition.

Focus on the Details

You might want to make your lady believe that you are superior to all other men out there while you are on your first date. However, it is impossible to do so without paying much attention to the details. In fact, it is your apparel which will manifest your disposition and personality to a great extent. Don’t neglect your socks. You are wrong if you think none is watching you while you are putting on your regular gym socks.

Smell Good

Females prefer those males who smell good. Consequently, make it a point to put on perfume or mild cologne while going out on your first date; however, take care not to overdo it. Try to maintain the cleanliness of your hands as well as hair given that women are adept at analyzing the details. Guys who are clean plus exhibit healthy habits will be able to attract women in the long run.

It might appear that men are almost equivalent to women when it comes to dressing up on a date, and it is true. However, it is not uncommon for a guy to commit an error and create the wrong impression while dating his crush for the first time. Therefore, it will be advisable to prepare beforehand to avoid any hiccups later on.



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