What are the Best Hair Products for Men?

If hair is a woman’s crown, then hair is also a man’s pride. Apart from adding an aesthetic value, hair also builds up a man’s personality. His aura and looks are enhanced by the way his hair is styled. I am sure that by now you must have realized that just a towel dry is not enough for your hair anymore. Because your mane needs a lot more than that. Especially, if your hair has quite a bit of a length. Just like having a perfect haircut is important, how you style that mane of yours is equally important. To have the perfectly styled hair, The Best Hair Products for Men that are available out there.


The Best Hair Products for Men


All these products such as wax, gel, cream, pomade, oil, fiber and lots more will make you feel blessed. But if you are unaware of these products then not to worry. Here is a list of the best hair products for men that will be proved immensely helpful to you.


Fiber is one of those best hair products that will add the perfect texture to your hair along with a matte finish. Zero shine and perfect messy locks could be achieved with the fiber. The fiber should be applied when the hair is dry and it will do its job. Thick or thin, the fiber will work on every type of hair.



Wax gives you a firm hold. Although wax can be used for almost all hair lengths, it’s best preferable for short hair to medium length hair. Unlike gel, you wouldn’t need to apply wax every time you style your hair. The wax will give a moderate shine to your hair.


Styling Cream

Styling cream will not give any hold but will help you manage your hair in style. This product is completely different from others. It’s a thick liquid that offers no shine and maintains the natural look of your hair. The cream will provide the moisture to your hair and it will prevent frizz.



Clay is a lot like fiber and wax. It will give a medium hold and the shine will differ from low to medium. If you are applying it on damp hair then shine will be medium but if you are applying it on dry hair, you will get a matte finish. It will add a good texture; just remember you don’t disrupt your hair throughout the day if you are using clay.



Gel used to be liquid cement earlier, so I wouldn’t have suggested this product. But thanks to those who have remedied this problem and hence the gel is in. It provides the maximum hold and high shine to your hair with that sexy classic and slick look. Unless you are going for the most professional look, you could use wax as an alternative.



Unlike wax, pomade gives high hold as well as high shine to your hair. The pomade is a perfect choice for short and medium hairstyles and will bless you with that dapper look. Although, I would suggest using only a little amount of pomade if you don’t want to look like you are wearing grease all over your head to your brow.



For thin hair, the paste is the best hair product. It is lightweight and will provide a hold enough for you to maintain a perfect texture. When applied dry, the shine is light while when it is applied on damp hair, the shine is medium. You can restyle your hair without worrying much.



Claymation is another one of the best hair product that you will ever know. It’s the perfect combination of clay and wax. The clay brings the matte look while the wax adds the firm and pliant hold. This will tame even the most rebellious and wild mane of all.



Oil cannot be counted much of as a hair styler. It actually provides the nourishment to the dehydrated hair. To get natural lively hair and also to prevent hair loss, add hair oils such as avocado, almond, olive, jojoba, coconut oil, etc in your list of hair products. You can add a few drops of oil to the pomade to get natural soft glossy hair.


Hair Spray

The hairspray is a perfect finisher. After styling your hair with any of the above products, the hairspray will lock your hair in place with minimal chances of damage to your style. For medium and long hairstyles, the salt spray will be the best option. A simple spritz of spray to your hair and you get perfectly tousled hair.


Dry Shampoo

Often washing your hair will cause nothing but damage. It will leave you with dry hair and leash out all the natural oil too. Dry shampoo will create a perfect balance in such circumstances. It will absorb excess oil and will also add volume to your hair.


You now know, the best hair products for men’s hair, but it isn’t enough. What product will suit you the best would depend on the texture of your hair. Again, don’t worry. Here you will get to know which product is the one for you.

Best Curly Hair Products for Men

Here comes a bit of restrictions. The level of your curls will decide the products to use.

If your hair is the curliest of all, that is, if you have tight locks curled in one another then the best option for you will be the styling cream. It will also benefit you if you add oils, deep conditioners, and Claymation to your list.

For those whose curls are not that stubborn could use the styling cream and pomades as well as hair mousse.

Straight Hair

Men with straight hair are the luckiest of all. You could use every type of hair product varying from wax, pomades, and gels to cream, clay, fiber etc.

  • Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is far different from the curly stubborn locks. The best products to style the wavy hair are pomades, styling creams, could use a few drops of oil with the pomade and finish it off with the hairspray.

  • Short Hair

If you prefer to keep short hair then you could use almost every product that is out there. But better prefer the ones which will work the best on your texture.

For instance, if your mane is thick and dense, wax, clay or pomade will work the best.

Whereas for thin hair, opt the products that are lightweight such as gel, styling cream, etc. rather than using pomade or wax. Use the product that you feel is good for you. Get a dapper look using the Best Hair Products for Men and wear your mane with proud.



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