Getting Angry For No Reason: 10 Ways To Stay Calm

We are looking at the glass half full with this picture, aren’t we? While we enjoy a little bit of rage and emotional action every now and then, there is actually no point in getting angry and letting things to you for absolutely no reason. While we encourage you to be optimistic and shed a little goodwill to cheer your every now and then, let us break down 10 simple ways to stay calm! Yeah, that might help you the next time your hand twitches to break an urn in anger.

Ways To Stay Calm


Acknowledge The Anger Rush:

Do you know you could start a bush fire with that anger of yours? Your anger can hurt anyone within your approach, perhaps you could harm yourself too if precipitated.


  • As soon as your anger gets triggered, stop right there and focus on the fact that nothing could be as important as your fumes right now.
  • It is okay to get angry, it really is, but it isn’t the end of the world, and not even your regrets or harsh behaviour out of anger can amend the entire situation.
  • Sit down and cry for a while, or punch a pillow if it helps any bit.


Your activated sympathetic system could use some help in trying to zone the excessive adrenaline down.


  • Close your eyes and focus on your abdominal breathing.
  • Your chest should heave in and out with every breath.
  • Allow your puffed breaths to loosen the state of your mind for as long as it takes.
  • Aim to remain silent throughout.

This helps to dissipate the anger, and will possibly help to calm your insides. Most people tend to advise counting to ten, while many avoid speaking or thinking of anything during the process.

Leave The Room:

Before you lash out your feelings in front of the person that might have triggered you anger, excuse yourself and leave the room at once so that you wouldn’t have to regret any exchange of harsh or bad words or physical unsettlement.


Go For Some Fresh Air:

While you’re thinking of ways to stay calm, scurry off to your terrace or rooftop to gulp down fresh air. Allow the fresh air to collide with your hair and face, and try to cool down with the breeze.


Point Out The Reason:

Do you even have a valid reason to react with anger? Identify what caused you to fume in anger. Instead of over-thinking or blaming anyone for the reason, try to think it out first. You can only think calmly when you are not opposed to any threats or aren’t angry.


Think Of A Positive Solution:

No matter how big the situation is, you aren’t supposed to get angry or stressful. Calm yourself first, and after identifying the reason or the root cause, think of any amendments that could help you get better and achieve a possible yet positive solution.


Jog In A Park:

Midnight arguments and the park’s closed? How thoughtless! Walk around the house in wide strides or jog in park as fast as you can in order to get over the anger and stress. For the time-being, avoid coffee or consuming any energy drink with the false intuition that you might feel pumped up, diverted to work elsewhere and consequently, relieved. The caffeine will just make your anger, stress and agonizing thoughts worse.


Quickly, Hug Someone!

If you don’t have any dear one around to hug, then hug yourself while seeking ways to stay calm. What’s the harm in that? This way, you’ll focus on cooling down and you’ll also convince yourself to stop feeling angry for no reason. Try repeating, ‘It’s okay’ every time you do that, and don’t forget to breathe loudly. This is the best way to tell that you love him even when you are angry.


Try A Reverse Situation:
Ask yourself:

    • Will the person I am angry at react the same way if the situation was reversed?
    • Will anybody else behave the same way like me if the situation was in their hands?
    • Am I reacting a bit too much?


Try to empathize with the situation, and stop pointing fingers at anyone. First get to the bottom of the whole situation, and avoid any misconceptions or poor judgments.

Always Communicate:

Talk it out. Explain your mind, and voice each and every troubling thought regarding your situation.

    • Ring up a close friend and try to seek another point of view. Your friend might even suggest some brilliant ways to stay calm, or might invite you over to divert your mind.
    • If you’re fuming at someone else, try to talk it out with them, and communicate your thoughts about it as soon as you gather your senses. Letters with such romantic quotes would be the best pick for that matter!


Still angry? Listening to soulful and soothing music might help if you feel too antsy!




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