10 Ways to be Happier From Buddha’s Handbook

From the day we enter into this chaotic world till the day we leave this world, the definition of Happiness keeps on changing. There were days when happiness for us meant to go back to school and there were days when happiness meant skipping our job and enjoying a great meal with our family.

The definition keeps on changing but the basic idea is always the same. Remember when as a child someone would smile at you, and you would widen your toothless mouth with sparkling eyes showing that you were happy. Even now when you are in your twenties someone’s smile can make your whole day happier. So the Ways to be Happier From Buddha’s Handbook are nothing else than something you already know.

Ways to be Happier From Buddha’s Handbook



Smile because you should and smile because you can. Just as a friendly smile can make your day happier, why not make someone else’s life a bit easier. You know never know what your smile can do, or who may fall in love with your smile. So smile, always!

Build Strong Relationship


We came to this world alone and we are going to leave this world alone’ True! But while we are here, why not have some fun and have few people around us feel special. After all; no one has a heart like you, so cherish it and show it to the world and let it be loved.

Be more real than Virtual


The world may not give any shit about your life, but your friends and family does. So don’t be fake in front of them, cry if you wish to, laugh without any reason with them, watch the sunset without saying a word. Do whatever you want to do with them; they are called friends and family for a reason. But remember to be a friend you would want others to be.

Make a list


If you always wanted to learn swimming or some unheard language or you just wanted to go to a new place, just make a list of all those things that you want to do and the things you are good at and go after them one by one. There is no other feeling as great as the one where your dream comes true.

Choose Wisely – A Job Or Your Everyday Life


No one knows you better than yourself. No one knows if you are good at writing or with software, whether you want to pack your bag and travel or you want to fly. No one knows, but you do! So why should someone else decide what you should do for you? Choose a career where you don’t have to think twice before going to work. Choose yourself.

Take Care Of Yourself


Don’t go for looking into the mirror right after reading this. By taking care of yourself I mean start being healthy. If you are here, and you plan to live here for a while then why not spend it being healthy and not in the hospital? Soak up Vitamin D-rich sunshine, eat fruits and vegetables every day, try Yoga, have sex once a week, sleep for 8-hours a day. Do whatever it takes to be healthy.



It won’t take you much time to meditate, nor will it cost a penny. If anything, you will look at this world in a much positive way, with much more logic and balance. It helps you in overcoming depression. It can also be a help in order to detach from your emotions.

Start Writing


Get a diary for yourself. Write down all the things you are grateful for, even if it is as small as having your meal. Writing also helps you in expressing your emotions. If you have a doubt in this, Go and Watch ‘All the Guys I have dated before.’ One day, when you will have to decide if you wanna get married or not; I bet asking these question to your inner self will help a lot!

Live in the moment


Every once in a while, stop yourself from doing your daily chaos. Just for once in every few days notice the little things around you, appreciate it. Notice the sights, smells, tastes and feelings. This helps you in being grounded.

Have no Regrets


‘If’ and ‘Should have’ are one of the two most depressing words. ‘If only I had the guts to do it’ or ‘I should have done it when I had the time’. These are nothing but regrets, which at times restrict you from being happy. So if you want to do something then go for it. You want to confess your feelings? Go ahead; the worst that could happen is they might lose a gem like you. You want to travel to a new place? Sure, go ahead. You are capable of doing things.

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Never wait for anyone and never think that you cannot do it. NEVER SAY NEVER! You are the star of your life, live up to it. So the Ways to be Happier From Buddha’s Handbook are all listed above, you just have to trust yourself and start doing things. Also, always remember to not hate anyone. ‘Let no man pull you low enough to hate him’ – Martin Luther King, Jr.



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