15 Ways of Telling a Man you love him – Let Actions do the Talking

Someone told us that things aren’t getting too spicy for you all. Make sure you have the right ingredients to woo your man, and our clocks tell us that today is the right time to restock your pantry and rack with them. Throw in a smidgen of passion and a pinch of sensuality to your boiling broth of romance, and wait until you smell the aroma of love and see happiness oozing. The following Ways of Telling A Man You Love Him will come handy when you need to sweep him off his feet, and according to us, that time is now and forever. Read here if you wanna know whether your relation is going in a right direction and if he is loyal or not!

Ways of Telling A Man You Love Him

Move In Together:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Are you packing your bags already? This weekend, pop the question of moving in together either at your place or his, and see the fireworks popping out of nowhere. You can also get a new apartment for the two of you, and move out and live in utmost privacy. And trust me it is one of the most trusted Ways of Telling a Man you love him. Wink!

Make Out Incessantly:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Is he getting ready for work? Make the first move and plant a full pecker on him. Is he back from work and you got a bit late to come home for the dinner you’ve planned? Is he rolling his sleeves and buttoning the cuffs? Make out with him when he is least expecting you to. Since you’d expect him to blow your cherry in the nights as usual, work him up with morning rounds of sex and make outs for a better start to the day.

P.s: Showering with him and doing you-know-what could also be one of the Ways of Telling a Man you love him.

Have Sex Everywhere:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

By everywhere, we strictly meant private places and more clearly, your home. However, if you really want to play footsie or indulge in foreplay while you’re in public places or in the car or limo, who are we to stop you or guide you not to go for it? Men have a fetish for having sex on kitchen counters and on tables. Talk dirty while you’re having sex or trying to turn him on for it. For starters, you could watch Margot Robbie as Naomi in The Wolf of Wall Street and learn how to talk in an uber sexy dialect.

Make Him His Favorite Food:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

“The way to reach a man’s heart is through his stomach,” haven’t we all heard of this timeless and incorrigible saying quite often? Make sure to invite keep a separate plate for us if you make him fettuccine pasta chunks of chicken and loads of cheese. Cheese is a weakness for many of us, and we are definitely not counting carbs here.

Public Affection:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

No one in the public actually cares how much affection you actually display. Well, in the trains and buses, perhaps, if the affection leads somewhere else, but not really. Throw in a lot of affection towards your guy if you are out on a date or if he is just walking you home. Your hand in his hand or draped around his neck could be carried out quite well, don’t you think?

Do One Of His Chores For Him:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

When will men learn to keep their shoes and socks in place? Does your man too kick off his shoes all around the lounge when he is home from work? Sure, this might peeve you, especially if you are struggling with OCD and want all things to be top notch and in order.

Well, for once, stop nagging him for this, and just silently put his shoes away and his socks in the laundry bag. Make a very sticky pout while you tend to this chore and make sure he sees it. While you walk over to him, say how much this peeves you in a very sultry mode. Not only will you have sex for the nights to follow, but he will start being responsible as well.

Praise Him For His Good Looks And Personality:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

“Oh, Mr. Darcy, where were you all my life?”

Go Shopping For Home Décor Together:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Men totally loathe assisting women in their shopping sprees – as of fact and experience. Well, how about you take him out to his favourite home décor shop, and get those cute bedcovers and a rocking chair for him? Designing and tending to the requirements of your place paves Ways of Telling a Man you love him or show care and attention, and you ought to hand it over to him.

Did Someone Say Shopping?

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Ditch the Jimmy Choos this month and get him an Armani Suit with the works. Oh, the smile on his face. Does he make the same face when he is with me? You can also take him shopping for new shirts and trousers, and get him your preferable set of boxers and briefs for you-know-what.

Clichéd Candlelit Dinners:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Once every weekend, set up a spread of his favorite food embellished with your serving style. You can also do what Cleopatra used to do. Feed him grapes or in our case, any aphrodisiac munchies would do, but we would highly prefer sweet marshmallows with sour grapes. Have red wine instead of white and some baked potato salad or white sauce which you can slurp with your fingers quite sultrily while having dinner. Also, we have to stay PG rated here, so we should really stop with our imagination.

P.S. Sit on his lap during dinner. You can also feed him the food yourself to show your appreciation and well, you know the drill.

Let Him Know When You’re Content:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Are you appreciating him enough or letting him know when you’re pleased with the way things are working out between you two? Let him know that you are content even if you two have a lot of issues to solve and that you are planning to give your relationship enough time to make a lot of things happen and become true. Nobody is perfect, and that is what makes your relationship – edges and all – realistic and happening.

Let Him Enjoy His Space:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

If he is playing video games or hanging out with his friends, or even sitting alone, reading the paper, do not invade his personal space. He needs plenty of self-time as well. If he wishes to go fishing or scuba diving and snorkeling with his male pack, then leave him alone to do it. You can go to the spa in the meantime, or enjoy with your girl pack too!

Take Romantic Walks With Him:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

While we slide in a reference from ‘Notting Hill’, take a romantic walk in an isolated park or sit and relax before the waves on the beach. You need fresh air and the shore every once in a while to experience nature, and to help you loosen up of your nerves. What better way than to do it together?

Indulge In His Favorite Hobbies With Him:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Go to see his favorite sports match this weekend. Watch his favorite gory movie or any thriller with him. Does he like to watch animated cartoons such as Pokemon or Naruto? Spend quality time with him by playing Fifa or any other video game.

Trust Him:

Ways of Telling a Man you love him

Are you feeling upset? Try to talk to him about it, or hug him incessantly when he wants to talk to you about anything. Talk him to sleep, and hear his heartbeats and breaths while you turn to sleep with him. Communicate thoroughly and flash smiles and affection every now and then. Trust him even when he is not around you, and make him feel welcomed when he is.

Well, it is time to carve his name in your neighborhood tree and stock the refrigerator with beer and the shelves with potato chips. Does he adore animation and poetry? Write him a couple of letters with delirious poetry and sign off with, ‘P.S. I Love You.’.




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