9 Tricks to be Everyone’s Favourite and Become More Awesome

You are awesome, just the way you are! Your soul has ineffable mysteries and you need to tackle with them everyday but your conscious mind keeps on pinging you to stay awesome and everyone’s favourite. How can you do that? It’s not so difficult! Just stay true to yourself and love yourself and these Tricks To Be Everyone’s Favourite And Become More Awesome will work.

Tricks to be Everyone’s Favourite And Become More Awesome

Be You!


Do not abscond your feelings from your own self. The first and the basic and most necessary (of course) is to understand your true self and accept the way you are. No one will ever mull over to you till the time you are true to yourself! Do what you feel like, Say what you want, Create situations the way you need one circumstance to be. Do not fear and risk your life for your own self. The day you will learn this lesson, what all you will get to hear is “You are awesome”. Tell your hubby you love him and you feel find happiness.

Be Kind!


Kindness is the most ecstatic gesture one could ever show to someone else. In this busy human race everyone is in search of love. Why can’t you spread love? After all, it is not so difficult. Love one and everyone. Try to help all and sundry! You don’t need to be harsh to everyone because at times even the worst person desires love. Be great and you become the beloved of everyone.

Keep calm!


You can’t entertain others every time. Now and then you need to stay patient and just observe your surroundings. It will help you to comprehend what’s going around yourself. Attract all the positive vibes and let go negative vibes. Do not let anything or anyone annihilate your inner peace. Keep calm when you feel like being taken for granted and analyze things carefully. Your peace is just like volcano. Let it not come out so easily. This the most imperative key to be everyone’s favourite and awesome (which you are, anyway). Maybe these tips to stay calm will make your life easier and better to be.

Good Listener


You can’t keep on mutter every time. You need to give other people a chance as well. Being a good listener reflects your good personality. Listen and experience more. People will start loving you!

Be New, Meet New!


Never decline to meet someone new. Everyone has a different standard of living and different outlook towards life. The More you meet, the more you will come to discern about yourself. It will be help you to gain more acquaintance and more experience, Of course! The more you meet the more overwhelming you become.

Don’t Compare


Every time when you try to compare yourself to others, remember you are awesome! We are human beings we are bound to do mistakes and so there is no valid reason to compare you to others. They might be doing better that you but that’s okay! Your awesomeness is taking more time, nothing else! Love yourself and focus on your life graph.



When you start thanking to everything and everyone you have, you start enjoying your being. Rather than cursing to not have what you really want start escalating for what you have got. Thank your parents, Your friends, God everyday and watch out for the transformation.

Expectation is dangerous!


Stop expecting from others and you will have a happy and classified life. Expectation hurts because no one has got a responsibility to tackle your life. They are just a part of it. The day you will start fulfilling your own expectations and become a prudent man, you will become awe-inspiring. ( You already are!)

Take it easy and let it go!


The day you will realize that you have got no key to change things around you, you will start having an astonishing life. Shrug off all the worries you have got. Don’t stress too much and stay positive. After all, it is just a period, it will go! More sorted life means more remarkable and favourite you become. Being happy and taking it easy is the easiest solution to most problems in life.

Don’t be TOO much in front of everyone just by flaunting your true self you can become everyone’s favourite. Try to follow all the points and observe the change in yourself. Don’t fail to remember to love yourself because you are tremendous and everybody is just like you.



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