7 Trendy Accessories for A Romantic Date

Summer is a perfect season for wearing different accessories. A bracelet, a watch, or a pair of lovely earrings will make your look complete. Details are important, and the accessories are those details. Without them, many women feel insecure, as a lot of accessories serve as mascots. Moreover, an interesting ring or pendant may attract a man’s attention and become a nice excuse for him to start a conversation with the woman wearing it. Here are the latest trends in accessories that will help you shop for the best items. Men can keep them in mind searching for a nice gift for their lovely women from BridesDating.

Trendy Accessories for A Romantic Date

Floral patterns

This summer, floral patterns are trendy not only on dresses but on accessories too. Flowers can adorn your wrists, ears, and neck. If you are a fan of minimalism, choose the adornments that feature floral elements typical of Japanese art.


Plexiglass is a number-one trend in the world, so it’s not surprising that it is used to make quality women accessories. The models of Chanel appeared on a catwalk wearing plastic earrings and other knick-knackery. Now, accessories similar to those are available in the mass market. Wear plastic even with evening dresses. No one will blame you for the lack of taste.


Usually, pearls are viewed as quite old-fashioned and typical of mature ladies. However, this year, adornments with pearls have become extremely popular and appropriate for any age. The classic strands of pearls are good for autumn and winter. Summer allows you to experiment. Try on some drop earrings with pearls – you’ll fall in love with them. Even wearing the simplest clothes, such as jeans with a white T-shirt, you will look posh if you adorn your neck with a necklace studded with pearls and precious stones.

Disco motives

Sometimes the size and color are the most important criteria. This how disco queens chose their earrings. Today, massive and hoop earrings that reach your shoulders are trendy. A colorful necklace consisting of separate hoops will make you stand out. Add some disco drive to your daily life and check out Topface.


The biggest trend among earrings is definitely hoops. Those shouldn’t be necessarily round earrings. They can be oval, broken, embellished with small diamantes or tassels. Girls that cannot boast the long neck should wear hoop earrings of a small diameter. Apart from earrings, hoops have conquered the bracelets. A smooth round bracelet will make a perfect detail of your image and advantageously emphasize your wrist.

Mismatched earrings

A pair of mismatched earrings will definitely grab men’s attention. This option gives you room for experimenting and matching unmatchable or making logical mixes. A common pairing is a stud earring and a long drop earring. You can also have a mono-earring, that is, adorn only one ear.


Tassel earrings go very well with long dresses as well as casual T-shirts. A pair of bright tassel earrings that contrast with your outfit will make a perfect accessory. An important tip: the color of such earrings shouldn’t be similar to the color of your hair, because they will just mingle. They can be made from fringe, glass beads, or paste.



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