7 Tips To Look Beautiful And Extend Your Youth Over 50

Once the grand age of 50 has arrived, there is no reason to think it is time you give up on looking beautiful. Well, let´s start with saying that beauty is something that in most cases always stays with you, it will just change, not necessarily for worse but on a different level. However, women tend to wish they look attractive no matter what regardless whether they want to be attractive for someone special, all the people around just for themselves. That is why many women after a certain age start looking for all the ways to look as attractive as they can. And it is possible. Just to clarify things, it does not have to be expensive or include you going under the knife. Who knows, you may end up being the epitome of beauty at this age that you end up being the go-to person for anyone who wants the secret of beauty in their prime.

Tips To Look Beautiful And Extend Your Youth Over 50

Start early

Looking beautiful at 50 certainly does not start at 50; it starts from your habits in your early years. One of the tested and most effective ways is to keep yourself fit right through your life. Your body will thank you for this when you hit 50. You can encourage and teach yourself to be fit by becoming a fitness enthusiast. Today, when it is so easy to find a fitness website design on any website platforms and create a site to share all the tips and videos with others, there are more than plenty articles and videos that can enhance you to find any sport that fits you, whether it be dancing, yoga, Pilates or HIIT exercises. There are lots and lots of programs that can fit any lifestyle and any health condition.

Manage the way you dress

It is natural that as you grow older, you will generally start to look somehow washed out. While it is very little you can do to stop this, you can use your clothes to look younger. While compensating by putting on brighter colors is something you may start to feel will make things better; just don’t do it, you certainly don’t want to look like a clown. Go with natural colors that will complement your washed look as opposed to emphasizing it.

Experiment with your Style and Appearance 

When you are 50, it’s easy to be stuck in a rut and only do that which you are comfortable with. Just try something new and see what happens. For example, allow your hair to go grey but still do a great style on that grey hair. Try a new kind of fashion and ask how it looks from people who you know will tell you the truth. Your husband or partner is certainly not the person to ask such a question – don’t try to embarrass them, for them you are always beautiful, take it as a fact.

Be Bold and Sexy

Many people tend to have a misconception about what being sexy means. They think it means being overt. This is a fallacy; sexy actually means being confident and standing up straight. However, being confident should also never be confused with being rude and demanding. It is being strong while also remaining subtle as a woman. Remember, confidence comes from feeling good about the way you look and are dressed. So, dress in the most comfortable ways and always ensure you feel great.

Go easy

At the age of 50, you probably know that they say: simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The use of accessories is certainly recommended but make sure that they have an expensive look on them. A 50-year-old woman who wears cheap stuff certainly doesn’t look beautiful. Hence, you will be advised to have few but powerful accessories. Go easy with the details as well – the fewer the better. Make only one accent in your overall look. That will help you look smarter.

Don’t try too hard

Beauty should always look natural. Never look like you have been trying too hard. One of the culprits for this trying too hard look is the makeup and the tint on your hair. Embrace the features that come with age and take advantage of them. If you use so much makeup that half your face is now literally created with cosmetics, then you are likely to end up with a face that looks like a plastic doll and that doesn’t make for a pretty site.

Drink water and eat well

As you age, your skin probably needs more water than it any time before. Hence, you may want to drink more water than you did in your younger days. Dermatologists also note that as you grow older, your skin becomes thinner. They advise consuming foods high in phytoestrogens like red clover tea and legumes that will help you restore a certain faded part of the skin.

The age of 50 should never be equated with boring and old, it can actually be an extension of your youth if you are willing to put in the effort. You will need to remember that beauty is not something that is only on the outside, it is complemented by inner beauty. There is nothing as attractive as a mature woman who cares about the way she looks and acts. Take advantage of the wisdom of the years and remain fabulous.



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