10 Things A Woman Notices About A Man | What Attracts Women To Men

Oh my! WOMEN! They notice the minutest detail that you cannot even think of! Women, by nature, possess keen observation skills. Therefore, they are attracted even by a small thing like your smile or repelled by the same. It’s not a secret that women are attracted to well-groomed men because even the length of your nails is a big deal for them. There is a long list of What Attracts Women To Men. However, we have summarized them to the  Things A Woman Notices About A Man. Once she falls for you and goes head over heels for you, get some couple tattoos together!

Things A Woman Notices About A Man

Things A Woman Notices About A Man | What Attracts Women To Men

Dressing Sense Of A Man


Men, your dressing sense says a lot about your personality, And women are brilliant readers when it comes to that point. If you are dressing shabbily or you have dirty clothes then the woman you are crushing upon would instantly be turned off. You should always wear clean clothes, which are ironed and fit you perfectly. For starters, if you don’t know how to dress up, follow this guide to a properly fitted dressing.

Facial Features That You Can Manage


Similar to the dressing sense, she notices your face as that is the first noticeable thing in you. Things A Woman Notices About A Man is well-groomed beards and mustaches. Your hairstyle also plays a vital role here. Having your hair trimmed and well set from time to time will attract women to you. Learn more about trimming your hair with this guide for round faces.

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Body Language While Being In Public


Women easily judge men by their body language because it screams out a ton of things about what kind of person you are! So carry yourself with confidence because this one feature is the most important. Apart from confidence, the way you talk to others and treat them is also among the things a woman notices about a man. Women love healthy flirting so you can just say a few cute things to her to make her feel special.

Smile And Teeth Of A Man


Women are easily attracted to how a man smiles! It helps them determine your charismatic enigma. If you smile hastily and at bad humor then surely, she won’t be attracted to you. In addition, the cleanliness of your teeth tells how hygienic you are and mind you, women a crazy about hygiene. Apart from this, compatibility too plays a vital part so check you compatibility if you are a scorpion.

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How Clean Are Shoes Or Feet


Things A Woman Notices About A Man is the cleanliness that he can have. Most of the time men do not take care of their hygiene and cleanliness. The easiest way for a woman to judge a man thus lies at his feet. A man with clean feet will definitely have the habit of maintaining personal hygiene. It would further work in your favor if you send some text messages to her.

The Depth Of A Man’s Voice And Language


Well, you cannot do anything about this part! Most women love it when a man has low pitched or a heavy voice. To top this, when you speak politely in that deep voice, it turns women on. You can also use a different language such as Spanish and throw in some quotes to make he blush. 

A Gentleman’s Manners And Etiquettes


The Things A Woman Notices About A Man is the manners and etiquettes that he has when he’s around people. Surely, a babbling baboon would attract a woman’s attention but in a wrong way. follow our guide to be a better man and inspire many more like yourself to help others.

Your Physic And The Butt


Men, please don’t be in the illusion it’s only you that check out women. In reality, this case is the opposite. The only difference here is they are not caught while they are doing this like you. A well-toned physic is what attracts women to men. To top it, a sexy round butt is something that turns on women as well!

Man’s Scent


Listen, it isn’t that difficult to grab a woman’s attention. Women are more inclined towards blissful scents than men so wear a nice deodorant. However, your body smell(if you don’t smell awful) ultimately attracts her to you.

Sense Of Humor Of A Man


Who isn’t attracted to humorous people? They just change the mood of any place and situation with their presence! Things A Woman Notices About A Man is the sense of humor that he has. If he is not able to take things lightly, how will he stick around when the going gets tough? How will he make her laugh when she is all cranky and irritated? Maybe a look at these 8 tips would help you in having a healthy dating relationship.

Many men live in the misconception that women like “bad boys”. Well, that is in the initial years of her life when she is a girl. But the Things A Woman Notices About A Man is actually their kindness and politeness. So if you want to be noticed by the woman that you are attracted to, set aside the bad boy image and be caring and kind. To keep your relationship strong, have a map to the dating journey.



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