The Monk Strap Shoes Style, Type and Suitable Attire for Men’s Dapper Look

One of the most enduring shoe styles and always-in-demand, the monk strap shoes are that fashion statement among men which is classy yet fashionable. Slip in and slip out of various shades, styles, and varieties through the year, because monk strap dress shoes mean a dash of formality added to a sophisticated style statement.

But do you know the best ways to style men’s monk shoes? Or what are the different kinds of men’s monk strap shoes? Today we are sharing the ABC of Monk Strap Shoes’ Style Guide.

The Style Guide: How to Wear Monk Strap Shoes

  • Try not to match your monk shoes for men with the attire unless you are hunting an exceptional style statement
  • These are suited for all kinds of occasions, so you don’t have to carry several pairs if you are going out of town for any business for a semi-formal event
  • These additionally rock even as a date-wear or evening wear, regardless of in which kind of setting you are
  • Lighter shades in spring, summer and darker ones in autumn are some of those regular style tips.
  • When you are selecting a monk strap shoe, especially for a special gathering, try coordinating it with the clasp of your belt or cufflinks or maybe even your watch. But remember, metal buckles are always dapper above the shiny ones!
  • Do not wear socks with men’s monk strap shoes. And thus, before buying ensure that these are comfortable enough to not bite your feet if wearing them for a long day or gathering.  

Types of Monk Strap Shoes

Let’s get a little deeper into explaining the structure so that you can style these better.

1. Single Monk Strap Shoes

As the name suggests these come with a single strap and buckle. These can be clubbed with any kind of attire, whether formal or casual, party or weddings, indoors or outdoors.

2. Double Monk Strap Shoe

If you are hunting for sleek stylish footwear, these double straps, double buckle monk strap will make you look extraordinary. Out of the three varieties, these are the most popular style statements and are in vogue all the time. Leather double monk strap shoes are an all-time fashion statement.

3. Triple Monk Strap Shoes

Better pull themselves off as boots, adding an extra quirk and zing to your fashion quotient. The most liked among these varieties are China tan monk strap dress shoes.

When to Wear Men’s Monk Strap Shoes

Formal Attire

Monk strap dress shoes complement a well-tailored suit – the best choice of colors being black, tan, tannish maroon and to some extent navy as well. We suggest a single monk strap when styling up with a black suit, but if the suit is in other shades, you can experiment with double monk straps with different kinds of buckle designs. If you are going for shirts and trousers as formal outfit, then the designs and colors of the monk strap again must not be flashy, go for formal colors like tan leather double buckle monk strap or single one. Avoid wearing the triple monk strap with suits and other formal attires.

Casual Attire

Due to their versatility, monk-strap shoes are immensely popular in informal settings – which means you can easily carry them off at any kind of casual occasion and attire. Slip into a T-shirt and jeans with a single monk strap or get on shorts and a colorful shirt with a double buckle monk strap – the imagination to pair up monk strap dress shoes can be as versatile as your thoughts. In winter these look great again with a sweater and chinos.

Business Casual Attire

You will need somewhat slightly more savoir-faire to carry off business casual attire over that chic casual work look. Structured pieces and single monks-trap shoes are ideal for business formal attire. Say leather monk straps with a dark grey suit along with a crisp shirt and a patterned tie would look great. But if you wish to try double monk straps, then keep the outfits and their colors that enhance your persona and are not too flashy.

Semi-Formal Attire

Such common outfits at weddings, parties, dates, and other occasions. These attires are more relaxed than your office or work wear. But then, they are similarly sophisticated. So choose a monk-strap as per your attire. For instance, a suit in monotone will need a tan single or double monk strap; chinos paired with a blazer and trousers can help carry off double monk strap shoes. And to pull off ethnic semi-formal attires, prefer to wear leather monk straps that match the attire yet are not too shiny, colorful. Wingtip monk strap shoes are quite a in demand when it comes to semi-formal gatherings.

Why Monk Strap Shoes Are Always In Vogue

Monk shoes for men are easy to slip into and that buckles and strap versatility makes them greatly popular among men. These come not just as Leather monk strap shoes but in various materials. And the buckles can be metal and fiber, or sparkling and plain. All this just offers a lot of styles to choose from, adding to the popularity.

Coming in countless styles, shades, materials and buckles, these best monk strap shoes as you can see can be worn in various ways, irrespective of the occasion. So why not buy your ideal pair of monk shoes for men online today!? Monk strap shoes sale comes around at the end of each season, so you must discover this elegant style that is always loved globally.



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