The 5 Biggest Sunglasses Trends For Spring 2022

Sunglasses are undoubtedly the most sought-after accessory. Anyone can look on-trend and super chic instantly by adding just this one stylish piece. Whether you wear your glasses 24/7 or simply wear them to complete an outfit, upgrading your frames is the perfect way to drastically transform your look or add a finishing touch to your daily outfit.

Just like clothes, sunglasses are influenced by trends, and every new season, fashionistas spy on publications in fashion magazines or Instagram posts of famous fashion houses, eminent designers, and popular bloggers to be among the first to know about the favorites and outsiders in the eyewear market.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 sunglasses trends for Spring 2022 and find out what the most popular frames will be.

1. Colorful lenses

At any time of the year, and especially in spring, we reach for the light and enjoy bright colors. In the spring of 2022, a wave of color euphoria will overwhelm us. This season, lenses can be any color you like, from delicate blues and sunny yellows to bright reds and greens. As for the frame, its color may be identical to the lenses. But the most daring will definitely choose models with contrasting shades. By the way, with such glasses it’s cool to create monochrome images, choosing a model to match the clothes. So this spring there won’t be the slightest excuse for not wearing tinted lenses

2. Cat-eye silhouettes

The cat-eye frame is arguably one of the most sophisticated glasses silhouettes. In the new season, thanks to designer creativity, flirty cat-eyes have turned into quite geometric triangles. This spring lookout for more dramatic, pointed corners and a wider take on the traditional cat-eye silhouette. For those who do not like too sharp corners, designers offer retro-inspired options with smooth lines.

3. Oversized square

The trend of the new season is large square glasses with dark opaque lenses that hide almost half of the face. The huge size adds style to any look, the dark lenses add incredible mystery, and the square shape goes well with a variety of clothing styles – neomodern, classic, sports, or casual.

4. Total black

Undoubtedly black frames with black lenses have a timeless quality that will always come back in style. This season, total black sunglasses have become the protagonists of the catwalks. The most successful forms for such a model are square, trapezoid, and futuristic shield sunglasses. Completely black glasses are a very functional and profitable accessory that is a win-win option for any season.

5. Unusual shapes

Creative people always see reality a little differently. For original characters who want to look avant-garde, extravagant, and different, this season’s trend will be sunglasses of the most unusual geometric shapes. For those who are bored with mainstream eyewear, impressive and innovative sunglasses and frames from the Belgian brand Theo are the best options for spring 2022.

Modern trends are changing year after year, styles are evolving, new forms are replacing the old ones. And that’s great! Because we don’t have to pick just one trend since there are so many interesting, fresh and affordable options for every most demanding taste.



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