8 Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier

Sure you were determined to lose some weight and look slimmer and sexier for your date with your forever-favorite-crush day after tomorrow! But those yummy pizzas and burgers made the mission impossible. Just one day left for your big day and you can’t even join some gym now! Well well; these Styling Tips to look slimmer and Sexier can help you look your best and make him fall for you all over again.

Pear or ruler or hourglass or apple; whatever may be your body type; these styling ideas will surely inspire the world full of fashionistas. “Oops my tummy look flabby” will be miraculously changed to “whoa my tummy looks fabulous” within just those 10 minutes that you get dressed in.

Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier 9

Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier

Choose Clothes that Fit Just Perfectly

The fit must be just perfect; neither an inch tighter than perfect nor an inch looser than perfect. Loose clothes with baggy inspiration will make you look fat and bulgy. Though the tighter clothes will make you look no slimmer but the flabby. Run to some tailor and get your dresses altered as to flaunt the sexiness incredibly.

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Dark Colors are Friends

We all have some or the other-where heard about the wonders of dark colors. The wonders so wonderful that it could make you look incomparably slimmer. Include brown, black, navy blue and all other ranges of dark colors.

NOTE: You can also keep in mind the fact that large prints and flabby fabric could also be ignored as to help you look slimmer and sexier.

Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier 2

Shake Hands with Jackets and Blazers

The tight clothes and those skinny ones could look just awesome when you cover the problem area with some classy jacket and blazers. The flabby tummy will shake hands with jackets and definitely make you look smarter than ever. Professional appearance is immensely made sharper with this authentic idea of wearing jackets and stuff.

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Flaunt-Some-Skin Outfits

Name one girl on earth who doesn’t love flaunting the skin by wearing a deep neck outfit! Or showing some legs in mini skirt with classy halter top over it is also a great idea. Oh yes; the fall is coming and you seriously need to take those knee length boots out and make it your style of the day.

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Shapewears for Classy Look

The Shapewears are available for all body types right from apple shaped ones to the pear ones and hourglass as well. Just get one as per your body type and look stunning even in the body conscious dresses. And you look classy and confident when you know your tummy isn’t bulging out making you look worse.

Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier 5

Jewelry Strategy is a Win

The jewelry including necklaces with delicate embellishments could make your neck appear slimmer and in shape. Also, the handcuffs in gold and diamonds detailing will draw attention from the bulgy arms to the wrist flaunting the sexiness. Grab some ethnic neck pieces and the bracelets and earring as to make your stylish western outfit look sophisticated and classy ALWAYS.

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Footwear with Pointy Toes

Not just the footwear with pointy toes but the low hem of footwear could make your legs appear in shape. Yet another tips here is to prefer wearing the footwear same as the shade of your skin complexion. This is to bring attention to the footwear you are wearing and so away from the heavy thighs.

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Belt Up the Outfit Flawlessly

Where do you think one should wear belt as to look slimmer? Just the waist that is slimmest as to look slimmer and stylish. Preferring wide belts is what looks great and makes outfit looks flawless since it covers larger area of dilemma.

Styling Tricks to Look Slimmer and Sexier 8

Looking slimmer will make you walk like the princess making you feel like the world is walking behind you. The slimmer you look, the perfect your figure will be and so the perfect outfit. Not being able to lose weight by time won’t be a misery anymore but yet another opportunity to look sexier with intelligent and brainy hacks.





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