10 Mood changing Spanish Love Quotes with English Translation

The language of love – it sounds so romantic and lyrical and one of the sweetest ways to express your tender feelings for someone is through words. It reminds me of that song “Words and words are all I have to take you heart away….”  – a popular song by Boyzone that I once listened to on loop. But how about taking it a step further and going all mushy and romantic with some love quotes, not in English, wait, hold your horses, don’t start second guessing the language – but in <drum-roll> Spanish! If you are asking why, then just remember Spanish culture and you will find the answer. These mood changing Spanish love quotes with English translation are primed for you to try them on your latest crush.


I personally love this language, which you must have guessed by now. But trust me, this language is so soothing to the ear, that talking in it itself can be quite a mood changer. But, if you need a little more inspiration to change your mood, then read on.

Love Not Returned


Amor no correspondido, tiempoperdido./Amar y no seramadoestiempo mal empleado.

Love uncorresponded, time lost./To love and not be loved is time badly employed.

And we are talking about unrequited love here. If you love someone who does not love you back, you are wasting time better spent on loving someone who does. Unrequited love hurts, hurts like anything and you need to find a way to move on.

Toxic Love


Agua que no has de beber, déjalacorrer.

Water that you shouldn’t drink, let it run.

In brief, if it is not working, let it go. I have rarely seen a better piece of advice. A toxic relationship benefits no one.

Hold on to that Love


Donde hay amor, hay dolor.

Where there is love, there is pain.

If you have loved someone, I can see you nodding your head reading this one. Love hurts and sometimes kills as well.

Love for Life


No dejes camino viejo por sendero nuevo

Don’t leave old roads for a new trail

In other words, a known devil is better than an unknown one, so love your partner and don’t look for greener pastures.This is a quote for all those couples celebrating silver and golden anniversaries who have proved that it is possible to be monogamous. These mood changing Spanish love quotes with Englishtranslation show you the myriad faces of love.

Love across Time and Distance


Amor de lejos, amor de pendejos.

Long distance love is for assholes.

And there you have the practicality of a race revealed. A relationship does not thrive when distance comes between two lovers. Long distance relationships take too much work to keep the romance alive.

Bold Love


El amortodo lo puede.

Love everything is can.

Love always finds a way and again, if you have really fought for your right to love, you will understand.

Lost Love


El tiempo lo curatodo.

Time it cures everything

This is the Spanish version of time heals all wounds and you grow whole to love again. No better healer than time.

Love’s Value


Amor con amor se paga.

Love with love is paid

Love someone enough and they love you back. Does that work? Yes, in some cases it does. Sometimes if your love is pure and honest enough, the universe comes together to help you.

Laughter in Love


El amoresciego, pero los vecinos no.

Love is blind; but the neighbors aren’t

And Spanish people are humorous enough to laugh at themselves in love. This quote is for the indiscreet who think they can get away with anything.

Love and Luck


Desgraciado en el juego, afortunado en el amor.

Unlucky in the game, lucky in love.

The saying goes, that if you are bad at cards, you will be lucky in love! Want to try this one for real?

Now that you have a few of the mood changing Spanish love quotes with English translation, take a few more tips from me on love. Love is not about pretty words or showering someone you love with gifts. It is about that magical feeling you get when you see someone you care about. No matter how many love quotes you memorize, if your actions don’t mirror your words, you will be a loser in love! So love with all your heart and love honestly to get it back in spades!



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