10 Signs that Suggest If She Likes You More Than Just a Friend

Are you wondering if that girl you have been mooning over feels the same way you do? Do all those chats over coffee and text messaging mean more than a simple friendship? Or does she after all, see you merely as a study buddy or someone to hang with but nothing more than that? You would love to ask her out on a date, but you don’t dare in case she says “No!” Figuring out how a girl really feels is difficult, but a few tips might help before she ‘friendzones’ you. Healthy and strong relationship when you have a deeper sense of understanding and growing roots of love within.

Prompt Responses


If you are texting regularly, and she is always prompt with her responses, and sends back messages in the same flirtatious manner as you, then it is a definite “Yes”. It is quite easy to ignore texts and not reply if you don’t really want to, so if she is doing it in spite of all the homework and school pressure, then she is most definitely into you. Maybe you must ask her for your first dates and know exactly how to impress her.

The Optical Giveaway


When a person looks at another person that they like, their pupils dilate. Though other factors do make this happen, keep a watch whether her eyes dilate every time you two have a conversation face to face. If they do, just ask her out already! She is ready for more than friendship!

When a Girl Dresses up


When a girl dresses up for you instead of wearing grungy stuff, then it is another positive signal. Especially if you see her wearing cute girly stuff and not just plain ole shorts and a thrown on tee, you know something is up. She is trying to impress you.

People around Her


If her friends are looking at you and sizing you up, then you have reason to ponder. If she is into you, she is definitely spending those girlfriend nights and stayovers telling them about you. So make sure you get along with her friends as girls want their boyfriend to like their other friends.

Mirroring Movements


People who are attracted to each other unconsciously copy each other’s movements. So try to keep a watch for that. If you do something like scratch your head and she immediately follows suit, it is a sign that she likes you. She likes you enough that her mind unconsciously mirrors your gestures.

The Jovial Feeling


When a girl likes a guy, she wants to smile and make him smile. Also, if she is laughing at all your jokes and witty anecdotes, you know that she is ready to be more than friends. Being with you uplifts her mood!

Common Interests


If she is changing her taste in music in accordance with yours or taking up a hobby that you have, that’s another sign that she is trying to develop the same interests as you to have more in common. It gives you more to talk about.

Excuses to Talk


Does she text you with any problem she might have, even if she is well capable of solving it herself? Or does she take every opportunity to drop by and spend time with you? If the answer is yes, ask her for a date confidently.



When a girl likes you she will take your name in conversation quite a lot and that is another giveaway. Unless that is a habit she has of saying everyone’s names, you can get ready to send her a Valentine’s Day card and gift!

Lot of Attention


We love our smartphones, and if you see your crush putting away her phone when she is with you, that means she is into you and all the Facebook and Instagram updates mean less to her.

Look out for these signs – they are strong nonverbal cues that she is giving you and is eagerly waiting for you to ask her out. Take the risk bud! Because what’s life without some risk? You never know, you may be thinking too much over nothing and you may actually laugh over it few years down the lane, sitting with same girl! Marrying is the last thing left to make her completely yours! Read this before going for it!



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