8 Saving Money Tips In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for its vibrant nightlife. From clubbing, shopping, gambling, dinners, expensive hotel rooms, limos among others. It is hard not to extravagantly spend your money. Most people perceive it as a very expensive city. However, this is not entirely the truth. You can have a great time in Vegas without having to spend too much. In fact, you can save a lot of money here. This article will give you a few Saving Money Tips In Las Vegas as you plan your next trip.

Saving Money Tips In Las Vegas


  1. Affordable Accommodation

All you see about accommodation in Vegas is the expensive luxurious hotels. The truth is that there are great and affordable hotels in Vegas too. The prices of the hotels depend with the time of the year. Since you will spend less time sleeping, you can team up with your friends to reduce the accommodation bills. Mostly, hotels are cheaper on weekdays, you can book a room earlier.


  1. Save on Drinks

Due to its super vibrant nightlife, Vegas is full of alcohol. If not careful, you can spend all your money on alcohol. But, what most people do not know is that you can get a few drinks for free. At the casinos you can have drinks for free. There are servers all over serving drinks. You can grab a few as before you head out.


  1. Free Entertainment

Contrary to the common belief, not every entertainment joints are paid for. Also, there are great entertainment joints that are affordable. There are free shows you can attend, live bands, street performance. Other places you can visit for free in Vegas are the Bellagio fountains, botanical gardens, acrobat performances at Circus among others. Not paying or paying a small amount of money enables you save and still enjoy Vegas.


  1. Avoid Peak Times

Everything becomes expensive due to huge demand, especially on weekends and holidays. It is best if you travel to Vegas off-peak seasons. Mostly during weekdays.


  1. Affordable food

Food is pretty expensive in Vegas. But there are places you can eat affordable food if you want. There are so many affordable restaurants and fast food joints with great food. Additionally, to avoid spending too much money on food you can buy your own food packed food.


  1. Share A Ride

Instead of hiring taxi, which is expensive, you can share the ride with people headed in the same direction. Consider sharing a ride from the airport to save some money.


  1. Do Not Use The Casino ATMs

The casino ATMs are charge very high withdrawal fee. Make sure you carry enough money if you are travelling to Vegas.


  1. Browse For Free

Most entertainment joints and restaurants have free internet connections. The internet is from reputable services providers such as the digital exits. However, ensure you have VPN to secure your online privacy.


Las Vegas is a great city. As you can see, everything is not too expensive as portrayed. You have all the fun and not spend too much of your money. These tips will help you save money on your next trip to Vegas.



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