10 Questions You should ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Marriage isn’t something which you get, it is something which you do. Marriage is not an easy decision and with marriage comes lot of responsibilities. Marriage is just equal to a bundle of thoughts and questions in your mind. It is necessary to comfort yourself in that zone before you actually go in that zone. Asking or doubting your own feelings before marriage is not bad. It will make you more confident and build up a strong relationship. Marriage is not a formality it’s an agreement between two people, it’s a bond of emotional attachment between two people. You aren’t allowed to throw away your life to anyone. It’s precious and you have got all rights to think before you take this big step. And for that you must know your compatibility in relationship; read here scorpio female in love with cancer male or scorpio male in love with leo female!

Questions You should ask Yourself Before Getting Married

Love or Infatuation


It’s the most difficult question one could ever answer. It is very easy to answer it as “Love”, but is that actually love? Is love so easy to find (maybe you are lucky) but think twice, thrice or as many times as you want to before really coming to that decision. Scorpio male and Capricorn female compatibility is also here!

Where is it going?


I know you both are in love with each other and you would feel embarrassed to ask this question to your own self. But is that dreadful to get away from something which won’t last or to stay somewhere which would deter your life? Well, I guess first choice is more comforting (but painful). Think about where is that relationship actually going? Are you getting enough support or love which would fulfil your lifetime requirements? Think, Think and Think!

Are you actually together?


Flaunting your love on social media is not actual love. If you love him, tell him with your gentle special gestures that you can learn over here. You may believe it but it just shows more insecurity you have with each other. Do you really enjoy with your partner? Does your partner really makes you happy? Do you think of it more often? Does it really comforts you?

Similar or opposite choices


I know opposite poles attract each other but don’t you think you would need someone who really understands what you want to do or gives you company in what you’re doing. You won’t get an exact copy of your own self but is that really difficult to find someone who supports you in what you’re doing?

Do you accept and understand each other in every situation?


Your relationship just can’t be happy all the way. There will be ups and downs as well. Are you ready to face them together? Marriage isn’t that easy. You need to build it up daily. Are you ready to do that? Again, Think! Think and Think.

Do you accept yourself with this challenge?


Marriage is no less than a challenge to you, your family and to your life. This phase will change you like every phase does. But it seems to be more difficult than other phases. Are you ready to accept that? Are you ready to accept your changed version?

Spiritual comfort


You don’t need to be spiritually devoted just to know your partner. Observe your partner. Is S/he humble, kind, trustworthy, charitable? This is what will support you for lifetime.



Expectations hurt! But when it comes to marriage, it is necessary. What do you expect from this marriage and your partner? Are your demands too much or too cheesy? And even if they are is your partner ready to accept you that way? If yes, then go ahead because you have got the best.

Friendship over relationship


Friendship is the basic step to every relationship. Has your friendship changed after you got in relationship? It might did but do you still have that bonding? Except being in love with your partner are you sarcastic enough or still got that right to tease or taunt them? Or is that just restricted to some rules which one relationship should follow?

Sexual attraction


Emotional attraction and satisfaction is always above everything but do you still feel sexually attracted to your partner? Do you want to stay close to them every time you meet or you need your personal space. Personal space is good and necessary as well. But is that how you feel every time? Then, I would suggest to rethink about it.

“The goal in the marriage is not to think alike but to think together. To accept each other and love blindly. Are you there? Can you feel that? These questions will surely help you to get there.”



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