7 Piercing Ideas For Working Women To Look Classy And Fashionable After Work

Piercing is an art that can enhance the look of your body but, getting a piercing done is always a big decision to make, right! In today’s fashionable world, many working women want to get piercings but don’t know exactly where to start. Attention Ladies! Before getting pierced, it’s always important to roughly figure out what kind of piercing suits you and your lifestyle the most. Here in this post, we present top 7 piercing ideas for working women and details about each piercing.

If you’re working women, then you might prefer switching to stereotype piercing options only as you always worried that having ‘too big’ piercing won’t look good at professional level or may distract your attention from doing official work. For all these reasons, it’s recommended to turn to more delicate piercing options such as – small studs placed in discrete places. Check these ideas and get inspired!

Piercing Ideas For Working Women

Ear Piercing!

Yeah, ear piercing is always in fashion, though the pattern or design of ear-ring may change with time. Generally, many working women love to get their ears pierced with too many holes to enhance their appearance. To look super-chic, they get their ears pierced all over, everywhere from their lobes to cartilage or rook. To give pierced area a more unique and delicate look, you can easily find dainty jewelry options.

Nose Piercing!

Getting nose pierced is considered as the gateway of piercing than other ‘daring’ piercing options and it never seems to get old. Ladies! In an official environment, you can easily work with nose piercing and nobody would bother or ask you to remove it.

Medusa Piercing!

Do you want to draw your colleague’s attention towards the shape of your lips, hmmm? A medusa piercing is the superb choice among other piercing ideas for working women. For a fancy look, you can add a beautifully decorated stud above your upper lip, right in the middle of you groove from your nose to lips.

Dermal Piercing!

It’s different, yes! They are usually jewelry pieces that are implanted into the skin through a method named ‘incision’. This type of piercing is more painful than other body piercings but the good point is that – they are less noticeable. The popular regions to get this piercing done are – chest, back area and hips!

Septum Piercing!

Young ladies! It can actually make you look adorable and girly because of the ways it highlights your facial features as it’s done on the cartilage inside the nose. Moreover, the size of the septum ring jewelry has gone down dramatically in size, so it becomes easy to hide the ring at professional front.

Madonna Piercing!

The Madonna piercing is among cute piercing ideas for working women located on the facial area or goes on the side of your upper lip. It’s purely feminine and looks stunning on working woman. For a trendy pin-up look of sixties, you can wear it with a bold-colored lipstick or dark gloss.

Navel Piercing!

Some working women get it done for look, while some get it done to show to special persons, yes! Interestingly, navel piercing is performed on left side of the belly button. It takes longer time to heal as chances of getting out blood are higher in this area. Beauties! This type of piercing looks great with crop tops and bikinis.

So, gorgeous ladies! Whether you’re making your first acquaintance with the needle, or already have a lot of piercings, these are some cool piercing ideas for working women to try now. If you’re looking for a piercing option that doesn’t dominate your entire look, these piercing choices proved to be extremely versatile – even at work or at a formal occasion.



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