More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes

Be it oxfords’, derbys’ or brogues’, dress shoes with a unique lacing style add the sexy to your personality and make you look chic and modish. Come to think of it, lacing shoes with unique styles have not been a creation of the modern era as it has been present for quite some time. However lacing dress shoes with innovative designs has gained another surge in the recent times with celebrities running wild with new styles and intriguing everyone with hot looks. So men, if you really want ladies to give a second look at those shoes, you might as well read this!

More Than 3 Styles Of Lacing Up Dress Shoes


This classic style is known for its significant knots and intricate detail and design. The knots create an entwined mesh that speaks both sophisticated and convoluted and flatters the dress shoes with ‘perfing and pinking’. This is one lacing style that goes perfectly with any laced shoe.


They say you are what you eat! We’d rather differ and say “You are what you wear.” There is a humungous detail about your individuality in the shoes you wear and adorning your dress shoes with the right style of lacing can be exponential in lifting your mien up. The bold ladder lacing design says nothing but confidence and poise wrapped in style and dap.


There is nothing more comforting than following your heart and that is what the diagonal articulates. With the laces running freely through the loops, a more relaxed and eased design is created with an elegant and charismatic look.

Straight Lace

Simplicity is definitely not overrated and so isn’t the straight lace. There is something introspective, basic and reserved about this lacing style and gives a very sophisticated 1920 English impression. Being one of the oldest ways of lacing, it has not gone obsolete and is beyond a doubt here to stay forever.


“Without complexity, there is no intensity.” Alexandra Adornetto was absolutely not speaking about dress shoes when she quoted this but the crisscross unquestionably worked its way to prove it. The crisscross is complex, intense, brash and impetuous. Although looks unproblematic and effortless to the eyes, it is quite tricky when one delves into it.

Bow Tie

Reflecting the classic bespoke suit pattern in a pair of shoes is something that makes the look a coherent whole and makes for a conglomerated ensemble. Paired with the right suit, this lacing style adds characterization and totality to the visage.


Thinking out of the box and trying the unconventional is a true revelation of sass. The hash- a skyscraper on the shoe looks distinctive and exclusive and can be vertiginous to the observer but it is a perfect blend of conviviality and modernity to spruce up your shoe style.

Double Back

The architectural design of the double back is modern art on a shoe. Derbys’ with perfectly placed and intricately fashioned double back laces reflect progress, confidence, and class and can be your go-to for uptown evening attire or a professional moil.

So men, recreate your antiquated shoes with these pristine and fresh lacing styles making you look progressive and contemporary with a whole lot of sexy!



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