Makeup Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Chubby cheeks were supposed to be the highlight of our childhood. Everybody who considered themselves to be an acquaintance in our lives would consider it highly acceptable to pull our chubby cheeks. However, as we grew up, we thought it would be fairly okay to compare our chubby cheeks with slender faces and consider ourselves pretty unlucky, ugly and well, fat. Everything, every feature of face matters as it comes to contouring the face to resonate a slimmer look. Read how different shapes of lips and lip colours differs personality to personality.

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Chubby faces are perhaps responsible for making contouring and highlighting a work of art. Before you go full ammo on your shopping spree for the perfect make-up products, there are a lot of Makeup Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face in order to make your features appear more prominent. Mentioned below are 7 major steps to get the perfect contour, and henceforth, a resonant yet slim face. When summer’s on the head, you need these life-saving hacks and makeup routines to flaunt all the sexiness for all of those 9 to 5 sunny days.

Makeup Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Step 1: Pick The Right Foundation

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

While most people consider ‘choosing the right foundation for your face’ to be pretty mediocre, it is actually worthwhile, since it can help you further choose the shade of your contour. Try going for a full-coverage foundation that matches or is almost near to the colour of your skin tone. Also, while applying the foundation, make sure you start from the center of your face and the areas beside the nose, so that less foundation sticks to your hairline and jawline.

Step 2: Choosing The Right Contour Shade

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

While there is no truth to the ‘choose the darker contour shade’ myth, since lighter shades can do wonders for people just as darker shades would do. Also, there is also a conflict between powder and creamy shades. If you’re just starting off with your make-up routine, and consider yourself to be pretty average or just a beginner at it, we would suggest you to go for creamy contour kits since you can blend the excess of it pretty easily. Powder shades stick to your face, and believe it or not, with inappropriate tools, your contour can stick out.

Regarding the conflict, creamy contour shades always turn out to be the winner, thanks to beauty blenders and angled brushes. On the other hand, bronzer and highlighter palettes also seem to work out pretty well. Choosing the correct contouring shade and blending them perfectly by taking your time is what going to give an impeccably natural look.

Step 3: Identify The Areas Of Your Face That Need Contouring

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

People with chubby faces would look in the mirror for hours, in the hopes to discover their cheekbones. We have a news flash for you – you have cheekbones, and mighty perfect too, if we must say. Instead of indulging in self-loathing or getting ripped off by the gym instructor for fat-losing supplements, there are several ways (read: safe) as to how you could highlight your features, and thus make them more prominent.

Your favourite make-up artist tells you to make a pout to help identify your cheek bones, but news flash: with chubby cheeks, no matter how much you suck your cheeks in, there is no settling in.

For starters, let’s learn how to smile as wide as we can. Trace the tip or the curve of the end of your lips to your hairline, and place your contour just beneath it. If you’re using creamy shades, draw a huge line which you can blend out later on. With powder shades, try tapping out the excess powder on your hand so that you can clearly form the shadows with your shade. This will help you create definition around your supposedly non-existent cheekbones.

Step 4: Use The Same Contour To Define Your Jawline And Hairline

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Trace your jawline to the tip of your earlobe, the top of your forehead to your hairline, the sides of your nose and the area just beneath the nose bridge. Place your contour on the marked area, and gently rub it out. While some people may choose a bronzer for the contour, it is also okay to apply the bronzer after you’ve applied the contour for further embellishments. We will make sure that we replace knives with our chiseled jawline with this make-up hack.

Step 5: Go Full Ammo On Your Highlighter

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

A highlighter can be pretty much compared to the cherry that is sitting in awe on the top of a luscious cake or sundae. A chromatic highlighter is probably one of those essential entities of make-up that might find its way in your pocket purse or bag.

Strobe the highlighter just above your contour, so that the chrome accentuates your cheek bones sharpens your features. While you’re at it, highlight the nose bridge, and the areas just above the eye brows and the chin to accentuate the contour. With a few strokes of the blush, and a lipstick to match your outfit, we think you’re ready to vow the world.

Step 6: Be Wise With Your Make-Up Tools

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Your make-up kit should have adequate brushes and blending tools to begin with. Don’t mistake an eye-shadow brush for the contour one or the foundation brush for the highlighting one – these are unforgivable sins, and your make-up may pay. Cheap blending sponges take away most of your make-up from your skin, making parts of your face look like that of zombie’s.

For powder contouring, many experts prefer using angled brushes so that the powder spreads and sticks to your face adequately and just the way you want. For creamy shades, try using a beauty sponge so that you can easily remove the excess contour and blend the contour easily. Invest in your make-up tools, especially brushes with proper bristles and sponges that are soft and blend-worthy.

Sprinkle a bit of rosewater spray or a make-up setting spray for the finishing touches, and voila – you’re ready to go.

Step 7: Let Your Eyes Pop

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Applying eye-liner to the bottom lash line might make your face look rounder, and your eyes, smaller. While applying make-up, it is not always necessary to binge on dark eye-shadows to create a smokey appearance. Most of the time, you can add colour and aura to your eyes with a couple of make-up items, which aren’t expensive as well.

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

While a waterproof eye-liner might do the deed pretty well, we’ll go for a black eye pencil so that we can smudge it after applying on the upper eye-lash line. Take a white eye-pencil and apply it on your inner lash line. Lastly, get ahold of your all-time-necessary highlighter or shimmer, and dab it on the inner corners of your eyes.

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

While these make-up hacks will allow your face to appear elongated, a basic cat-eye look would also help to enhance your features, and thus, draw attention to your face.

Step 8: Stop Over-Tweezing Your Brows

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

Thin eye-brows are known to make your face look rounder and chubbier, which is why top beauty bloggers sport fuller brows on a routine basis. Try to avoid over-tweezing or over-threading of your eye-brows in order to attain thicker and fuller brows.

For starters, make a unibrow by dabbing ebony or brown eye-brow (dipbrow) pomade from one eyebrow to the other. Try to enhance your eyebrows by spreading the pomade evenly with the help of an eye-brow brush.

In the end, apply concealer on the area between the two brows in a way to erase or remove the unibrow proficiently. Also, take an angulated brush and apply concealer on the bony ridge just beneath the eye-brows. This causes your brows to acquire definition and stand out.

Step 9: Straigthen Your Hairdo

Make-Up Routines To Contour And Slim A Chubby Face

While this might be pretty off-key, a proper hair-do might play a big role in defining your face. Shorter bangs are out for round and chubby faces. Try paying attention to the minute details, and tie your hair either into a pony-tail or a messy bun with big bangs since they help to accentuate most of the contour of the face. Try adhering to a shampoo or hair-cut that gives your hair more volume and bounce, since voluminous hair tends to make round faces look more elongated.

While the right make-up and an essential hair-do would do wonders for your face, sleek jewellery – preferably long, dangling chains with pendants – and rectangular sunglasses to attain a slim and elongated face. Maybe you would want to read about the different looks for eye makeup.



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