How to get a Perfect Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

We are sorry to break this to you, but eyes are as important to anyone pursuing make-up religiously as they are to poets in looking for the circle of life. Eyes do contain the universe – they really do, without any doubt – since they can make anyone fall in love with their sincerity and softness. It is no wonder that you can get a zillion adjectives, phrases and idioms describing the beauty of eyes. So many festivals and you cannot get the best makeup if you don’t know how to get one for your set of eyes.

While we are on this subject, let’s not get carried away, since to a make-up artist, eyes are perhaps the trickiest body part to ever exist. Let’s get down to business while we discuss Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes for you below. Such useful makeup hacks and tricks makes life so easy, isn’t it?

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

Wide Set Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

With a lot of sclera backing up the pupil in the center, wide set eyes have eyeballs that aren’t embedded too deeply in the eye socket. Even if you’re laid back, tired or sleepy, nobody could identify the difference in your eyes. With this set of eyes, you can rock a single or double crease, and can fully accentuate the brow bone area with nude tones to cast a shadow and contour.

However, in order to fully accentuate wide set eyes, you need to pay attention to your lashes and eye-lids more rather than the eye-shadow. Use a black eye-liner to draw the most daring and beautiful winged eye-liner above your lid. Use an ebony eye-brow pencil or a black eye-shadow to shade out the edges/corners of your eyes and spread it towards the bottom lash line.

Curl a pair of false eyelashes, and apply a double or triple coat of mascara onto the middle lashes to enhance your eyes after application. With a brush, apply mascara onto the inner corner lashes, and brush them inwards – towards your nose – to enhance the middle lashes, of course.

Pro-tip: Always contour your nose, and say no to shimmery eye-shadows.

Close Set Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

Embrace the inner corners of your eyes with a shimmer or a highlighter for glow and prominence. The outer corners of your eyes are open to a wide assortment of eye-shadows, and we suggest you to take deeper mattes by the reigns for this cause. We would recommend you to play along with eyelashes and take your eyeliners out for a walk, since these cat- eyes could use some extra fluttering.

Pro-Tip: Colour the bottom lash line of your eyes with a matte eye-shadow and drag it to the corner of your eyes for perfect Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes.

Hooded Lids:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

We would recommend you to use a highlighter around your inner lash corner to accentuate your hooded set of eyes. Also, these eyes could rock a soft smoky look, and we don’t see why playing with neutral or deep matte colours would be a problem to you. When applying false eyelashes, brush them outward and apply a double layer of mascara as well. These eyes could do really well with a thin liner or none at all.

Pro-Tip: Dab the bottom lash line of your eye with a white eye pencil. Along with a contoured nose and the highlighter around the corner of your eyes, this helps them to stand out better.

Monolid Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

A soft smoky look paired with a highlighter or shimmer around the inner lash corner and center of your eyes could really help you grab all the attention towards you. Your eyes would look way better with eye kohl applied all around the eyelid.

Pro-Tip: Use a shimmer, highlighter or a silver or white eye-shadow beneath the bottom lash line of your eyes to enhance them more. You can also use a white eye pencil and use an eye-shadow brush to blend it carefully.

Downtured Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

For downturned eyes, you have to apply everything upward to help open the eyes. For instance, cater to a smoky look by applying the eye-shadow on the outer corner of your eye-lid. With a brush, blend the eye-shadow outward and upward. Apply a highlighter on your brow bone to help accentuate your set of eyes.

Pro-tip: Apply mascara to a pair of false lashes upward and outward, similar to your eye-shadow. You can also highlight the bottom lash line of your eyes for a more defining look with these brainy Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes.

Upturned Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

After wide set eyes, this pair of eyes also allows you to be a boss with any desired shade and style. Be your own boss here.

Deep Set Eyes:

Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes

You can add a lot of glamour to this pair of eyes by accentuating the bottom-lash line of your eye-lid with a lot of mascara and a white eye pencil. Apply highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes, and use soft peachy and nude shades with brown textures to complete the look.

You can easily choose on a light long wear foundation to a creamy BB cream for your face during daytime with a nude lipstick or any shade from the pinks to follow, but your eyes demand extra care and Makeup for Different Types of Eye Shapes does that. Along with Vitamin A, your eyes need some extra scrubbing and their beauty sleep – of course!



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