40 Lazy Girl Summer Nail Art Ideas To Try This Year

Need nail design inspiration for your beautiful nails? No worries, we provide best nail designs as per everyone’s taste! Summers are here again, HURRAY! Good news for you girls! This summer season, lot of creative and inspirational lazy girl summer nail art ideas are coming up. And, this seems to be the perfect opportunity for you to flaunt with your favorite summer nail design and enjoy your day in the sun.

Now, let’s understand why summer nails are so much popular? It’s because they tend to be –

    • Fresh and fun to look at.
    • Eye-catchy.
    • Use of intense and bold colors gives gorgeous look to your nails.
    • Matching neon color with vivid shades is a good match for hot weather.

Lazy Girl Summer Nail Art Ideas

Here are some cool and funny summer nail ideas for your everyday look. If your summer nails are not ready yet, check this list. Hurry, summers are soon to arrive!

Fruit Inspired Nail Art Design!

Paint your nails with this beautiful tropical fruit inspired nail design. Coat it up with oranges, watermelon and pineapple in bright green, yellow and orange hues, even you will feel like tasting them. This hot and juicy nail art design is perfect for hot summer days, yeah!

Sunflower Nail Design!

In summer, sunflowers pattern look awesome on nails. You need to coat your nails with amazing combination of blue shades, add glitters and draw a huge sunflower on top of it. You can never go wrong with one of this cute and pretty looking lazy girl summer nail art ideas.

Colorful Floral Nail Design!

Summer nails are always best in making a statement. When you want to add fun look to your nails, coat the base with white color and then paint the fresh looking flower petals with violet, pink and blue hues. Smart gals! This nail polish ensemble is perfect to match with your long, frilly and fresh summer dresses.

Crazy Watermelon Nail Design!

Give fresh look to your nails with this cute and interesting nail art design perfect for summer months. Start by coating the nails with sea green and forest green shades. The nails are then painted with white zigzag lines which make the overall ensemble look more engaging and appealing.

Cool and Wavy Summer Nail Design!

Are you looking for perfect lazy girl summer nail art ideas, try this to spice up your regular nail art pattern. This simplistic design combines white and blue color to create an astonishing number of waves. If you want to look classy and sassy then this is the mail art to go for.

Coconut Tree Inspired Nail Design!

Show your madness with this bright colored nail art design. Coated in white and sea green hues, the design presents a coconut tree topping with an added melon and sea green vertical lines. It’s easy to create and a real eye catcher for this summer.

Adorable Orange Inspired Nail Design!

Orange shade gives refreshing and fun look that you can easily recreate on your long nails. Start by coating the nails in white matte and then apply a striking orange polish on top depicting the orange fruit. Though, it looks complicated and time consuming but perfect for warm and sunny days.

Well! It’s correct to mention here that – experiment is the key to achieve a stunning nail design and you shouldn’t be afraid to try these lazy girl summer nail art ideas as much as you can! However, for latest nail art ideas and updates, you can view various nail art fashion blogs, nail art websites and beauty channels on regular intervals. Friends! Try to unleash your bright and bubbly side this summer.



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