Involved Fathers Set a Lifelong, Healthy Precedent for Kids

Being a father is one of the most exciting and rewarding things you can ever do with your life. If you grew up with a dad in your life you know how beneficial it was to have that positive male role model while growing up. If you grew up with an absent father, you too know how detrimental that can be.

Good fathers set the pattern for what makes a good partner, role model, parent, and provider. The way a child is raised has a direct influence on how they do in school, who they date, how they treat their partners and what sort of mental state they grow up in. Who knew being a father was such a big job!


Do you want the best parenting advice? Here it is. As a dad, you can set a good example for your child, girl or boy, about what makes a good man. Here are just some of the ways for being an Involved Fathers Set a Lifelong, Healthy Precedent for Kids.

Involved Fathers Set a Lifelong, Healthy Precedent for Kids

Decide What Kind of Father You Want to Be

During your wife’s pregnancy, it’s important to talk about what kind of parents you want to be. A good father is someone his children look up to. They know they can trust him and that he’ll always be there when they need him.

As a new dad, you want your kids to think of you as Superman. This is a character many children use when describing their fathers, and for good reason. Not only is a superhero powerful, but they are also trustworthy, moral, kind, and engaging.


The benefit: A research journal by Princeton, UC Berkeley, and Cornell scholars found that the absence of a father in a child’s upbringing can have a negative effect on their emotional development.

Without it they are more likely to have lower education, to experience health, behavioral, and mental issues, and have a higher chance of becoming teen parents.

As a father, your presence builds confidence in your child’s life. You will help them navigate into their future with sound minds and exceptional standards.

Take an Interest in Your Children

The older your children get, the more their personalities will shine. They’ll begin to develop hobbies and interests of their own. Take an interest in what they like. This will help sharpen your bond.

Taking an emotional interest in your children. Involving yourself with the goings-on of your child’s social life is also beneficial. This reminds them that you care about what’s going on in their lives and will make them feel more comfortable telling you important things in the future.

Whatever activity you’re doing, make sure you are giving them your full attention. Children will be able to tell if you’re just feigning interest.


The benefit: Having a father who plays an active role in their life gives children security and peace. They will have higher standards of living. Studies show that children who receive attention from their fathers are less likely to use drugs, live in poverty, become a victim of child abuse.

Statistics show that children who receive love and attention from their fathers are also less likely to engage in criminal behavior or seek sexual companionship to fill a void.

Make Time After Work

As the father of the household, you may be the breadwinner of the family.

If you work throughout the week, your weekends are probably the only time you get to spend exclusively with your family. Using that time to be with your spouse and child is excellent, but don’t write-off spending time together during the week.

After a long day of work, you’re likely exhausted and want to sit down and relax, but it’s important to make time for raising your children each day.


Some of the best and easiest parenting advice you can follow is to spend at least 30-minutes engaging with them. This could be the 30-minutes you spend tucking them in, reading to them, or talking throughout dinner.

The benefit:

Spending time with your children will remind them that they are important to you always, not just when you have extra time to give. Giving your time to your little ones can also have an impact on their educational future.

One IAV study found that children who grow up with married biological parents are more likely to do better in school.

Such studies show that children who grow up in a two-parent household are more likely to be financially secure. This financial peace allows children to pursue their goals and dreams in higher education easier than those who are in fatherless households.

Be a Partner to Your Wife

Studies show that shared laughter makes couples feel more supported and satisfied in their marriage.

Making your wife a priority is important for your children to see. They should know that your spouse is your friend as well as your romantic partner.


The benefit: In the same IAV study listed above research shows that children who grow up with married, present parents will do better socially than those who don’t. This includes social interactions with both peers and romantic partners.

They will be less likely to be sexually active too young, are less likely to experience sexual or physical violence. Furthermore, your example sets the curve of how sons should treat their partners and how daughters should expect men to treat them.

When you and your spouse act as a unit raising children, always agreeing (at least in front of the children) about parenting matters, it sets a good example of teamwork and respect in a marriage. The message is clear to fathers everywhere: your role in your child’s life is integral to their happy, healthy futures.


The best parenting advice you can follow for being a good dad is this: be involved. Being a presence in your child’s life can improve their academic performance, increase emotional security, build confidence, and teach your child to develop good habits.




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