How to Translate Your Personal Style to Your Business Life

Struggling to feel comfortable in your 9-to-5? Joining the corporate world doesn’t necessarily have to mean giving up your personal style in your day-to-day life. In fact, staying true to yourself in your professional environment may actually support you in achieving a sustainable work-life balance too! It goes without saying that when you feel like yourself, being at work is less likely to take as much energy as it may be taking currently. 

But how do you accommodate your personal tastes into your professional attire? You can start by following the handy tips laid out below.

Be bold with your accessories

Although the building blocks of any business professional outfit are more or less the same, your accessories are where your personal style can really make itself known. 

It’s imperative that you select accessories that best represent you, your stylistic preferences, and potentially even your hobbies or interests. An avid musician may incorporate lapel pins, ties, or cufflinks that portray tiny musical instruments. If you’re into high fashion, you could potentially even incorporate a Prada second-hand bag or other designer accessory into your work attire. 

The options here are quite honestly endless, so feel free to frequent your favourite stores or even op shops on the weekend in order to keep adding to your pieces.

Keep your wardrobe diverse and versatile 

Speaking of ‘pieces’, the key to ensuring that you stay comfortable throughout the week at work is to keep your professional wardrobe filled to the brim with a diverse array of different accessories, shoes, and clothing. 

We don’t mean stocking up on shirts of every cut here either. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to the cut of our clothing, so it’s highly recommended you only invest in pieces that you feel are flattering and comfortable for you. In fact, a truly versatile wardrobe is also a minimalist wardrobe, where every item of clothing can work well when paired with any other additional item. 

Another fantastic way of approaching the task of building a versatile wardrobe is to ensure that your wardrobe doesn’t just consist of static outfits or sets of clothing that only work well when paired with each other. You should aim to curate a professional wardrobe where all your pieces can be mixed and matched. 

Statement dresses can be a fantastic asset to any professional wardrobe, as they can be easily styled with dark tights and a smart blazer. Similarly, power suits are making a huge comeback both in high fashion as well as in professional environments. These dynamic, two-piece fits can be fantastic for effortless mixing and matching, as they can be paired with single tone shirts or pants to add a touch of class and colour to any business professional look.

If you succeed in putting together a truly versatile wardrobe, you’ll be allowing yourself the luxury of virtually dressing however you feel, whilst still staying true to your company dress code.

Wear your favourite patterns and colours

Modern power suits tend to come in simple, solid colours, to allow for easy styling. The fantastic thing about these monochromatic items of clothing is that they can be perfectly paired with any other item of clothing that boasts a bold pattern or trendy colour scheme. 

Patterned or multicoloured clothing can be an incredibly valuable asset to your professional wardrobe, and you should absolutely collect some pieces that you feel best represent your own personal tastes. Although these dynamic pieces may not feel as versatile as your power suits or single tone shirts or skirts, they will undoubtedly boost the personalisation of your look and can be used to craft some truly unforgettable professional outfits. 

Finally, it’s vital that you never underestimate the power of a great outfit, especially in the professional world. A great outfit can provide you with confidence when you may need it most. It may mean the difference between a good day and a superb day. 

You should take any opportunity you can to equip yourself with professional clothing you can see yourself feeling confident, comfortable, and capable in. If you can secure these three positive elements, the world will quite honestly be your oyster.



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