5 Examples of How to Make Bun Hairstyles (Step by Step Tutorial)

From the exclusive People Choice’s fashion trends to the heart winning Oscar’s blockbuster ‘dos, everybody’s dying to know how to make their style game an inspiration lifting it to another voguish echelon. And the celebs; tell me you have no idea how they even get these stunning bun hairstyles that are so hard to replicate for us.

feature How to Make Bun Hairstyles

Well well, we are here to expose their dirty secret to absolute hairstyling. Yes; you won’t even need some hair styling backups and staffs to make bun hairstyle a game changing win-win. How to Make Bun Hairstyles will grab those red-carpet astonished face expressions for you and guess what; as soon as the 5-minutes timer round up.

How to Make Bun Hairstyles

Upside-Down Braided Buns Hairstyle

How to Make Bun Hairstyles - 1

This hairstyle is all about how perfectly you could work with your hair underneath. And for that; you have to flip your head over bowing completely down and start braiding up the hair till you reach the top. Now grab all the hair along with this braid at the point where you tuck the high pony. Just twirling and twisting up the ‘do thereby pinning up the hair. Making it messy is just one step away; pull out the sides gently and apply hairspray.

Twisted Top Knot ‘do

How to Make Bun Hairstyles - 2

Yet another kissing-smooching celebrity’s first choice lazy babe hairstyle that is four steps away from the ultimate glamour. High head pony à parting the pony into two à twisting and rolling à and finally pinning. Voila! Pair it up with your outfits ranging from the seducingly hot LBDs to those high waisted the-stud-girl inspirations.

Headband Twisted Bun Hairstyle

How to Make Bun Hairstyles - 3

You will need a headband for this hairstyle and some bobby pins as well. How your hairstyle looks stunning is completely on how well you tuck it. I prefer a fabric headband that goes completely around the head. Grabbing hair from the temple and twisting it around the headband till the back of the neck.

Sock Bun it is!

How to Make Bun Hairstyles - 4

The classy and look alike of a ballet bun but not as tough as it is this one right here. You get casual look when you pair it up with the baggy top and oversized pant outfit. The appearance of redefining sassiness will be yours to flaunt after pairing it up with the body conscious outfits. High head ponytail tucked up tight using the sock (cut from the toe, obviously). Spread the socks all through the pony as to let it cover the entire ponytail. Start rolling the sock along with the hair and then pinning, finally, as it reaches the scalp.

Twisted Low Bun

How to Make Bun Hairstyles - 5

Make a low head ponytail and tuck it up thereby parting the hair and twisting it one or two times. Now roll the tail of the pony along the rubber and secure the bun with bobby pins. Everything in your formal work-approved wardrobe will go perfectly with this super-sophisticated hairstyle. If at all you are hungry for some more creativity, styling up this hairdo with the headband inspired braids at the temples is a good choice.

Ramp ready re-vamping hairstyles with due step to step illustrations may have made styling up in the all new different ways easier, isn’t it? Inspiring the fashionistas is gonna be your thing now and beat the stardust hugely.




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