How to Choose Your Perfect Wool Trench Coat

Most people have different reasons for buying wool trench coats. Some want to look classy while others to protect themselves from cold. That’s why some people consider custom wool coats as winter wear.

In winter, you have to master the art of buying coats. Once you understand How to Choose Your Perfect wool Trench Coat and get it, you’ll not have to look again for a long time. The catch being, how to find a perfect and fitting coat.

Here are the primary considerations to make when choosing a wool coat.

How to Choose Your Perfect wool Trench Coat

  1. Go for Quality

In your quest, you’ll come across many clothes on your way. Don’t be quick to make a purchase. Instead, search for quality coats. But how do you do this? Start by carefully reading every label. You may realize that different suits are made out of cheap acrylics.

At times, the seller may advertise their coats as ‘wool.’ Upon checking, you may realize that’s its 80% nylon or spandex and little percent wool. Plastic can’t keep you warm in a snow storm. It also gives your sweat a funky smell. As such, ensure you’re buying a quality cloth from a reputable seller.


2. Customize your Coat

Getting the perfect wool coat isn’t easy. It requires patience. For instance, the coat might not fit the first time you try. It hurts, especially when you wanted it to be the one. Don’t give up yet! Optimism and persistence are vital in getting your ideal suit.

But what happens if you don’t get your ideal coat? Well, the solution would be, stop looking! Visit a reputable tailor or designer and share your needs. Other than giving you advice, the tailor will customize the coat to your specifications.


3. Be Patient

Patience is an important virtue when shopping for wool coats. You’ll need enough time to go through different coat designs and styles from your retailer. If you’re bored or frazzled, you may never get your ideal coat.


4. Leave Enough Room for Under Layer Clothes

When buying a coat, it’s essential to consider your under-layer clothes. As you’ll realize, most coats have a room in the torso, but the arms are very skinny. Any coat that doesn’t have enough room for under-layer clothes is highly restrictive. It makes other clothes twist in different directions, which is very uncomfortable. Don’t let this happen.


5. Consider Your Body Type

Wool coats are an essential attire during fall and winter. But before making the purchase, it’s necessary to consider your body type.

So, what style fits your figure?

  • The Hourglass Body

Are your hip and bust measurements similar to a narrow waist? Congratulations! You belong to the hourglass figure club.

If so, choose a wool coat and accessorize it with a belt. Doing so will accentuate your small waist. Avoid wide-cut and shapeless coats as they’ll create an illusion of extra weight and make you look shapeless.

  • The Pear Figure

Do you have curvy hips, a smaller waist, and a small upper body? Most ladies feature this body type across the world.

The best way, go for a long coat featuring narrow shoulders. It will accentuate your upper body while concealing your hips.

  • The Triangle Figure

It contrasts the pear figure where the center of gravity is on the upper body. It’s also common in many women across the globe.

Opting for a V-neckline helps create room for a pronounced bust-line. Avoid thin coats that make you feel out of balance.

  • The Rectangular Figure

Here, your waist, hips, and shoulders are almost the same size. The figure is generally slim, sporty, or elegant.

So, what’s the best wool coat for you? You can go for a belted coat that accentuates your femininity. Alternatively, choose a long coat for a sporty look.


Wool is an incredible clothing material. It ensures comfort and warmth in your attire. All this is dependent on your tailor.



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