How to Choose the Perfect Trench Coat for Your Body Height

First worn in the early 1900s by the British military officers and soldiers, trench coats have developed into something even more complex and elegant. Being unexpectedly adorned by both women and men, trench coats can be easily developed to adapt to any shape, size and style. However, they’re here to stay and fit in almost any type of closet no matter what your occupation and personality might be.

The variety of trench coats often lies on their lengths, innovative stroker, the hems along with the shades. For this reason, women nowadays can easily find a trench coat to match her body shape and needs. The following tips might come in handy if you’re planning to invest in a trench coat this year but you still don’t know where to start.

How to Choose the Perfect Trench Coat for Your Body Height


Short Trench Coat

No matter the season, a short trench coat has always been a blessing in many women’s lives. Usually, the short-styled trench must reach just a bit above your hips and is oftentimes advisable for ladies with short stature since this style makes them visually appear taller. Yet, if you’re a short height person with broad hips, or a taller person we highly recommend you to avoid wearing short trench coats to however extend is possible. 

Medium Length Trench Coat  

Most probably you’ve heard it before, the medium length trench coat is the known to be the classic variant of trench coats that were commonly used for dressing up the British military forces during the wartime. When it comes to the perfect style of trench coats for women, the medium one is much-preferred since it can easily adapt to almost every height and body shape. Taller women can also adopt this variant since it can easily be combined with anything trendy and body cuddling. 

 Long Trench Coat

Needless to say, that long tranches are in no way fit for shorter ladies. But in case you’re eager to try a longer trench while being a petite woman, we highly recommend you to opt for a length which is a little bit below your knee and most probably you’ll have to hear a pair of high heels if you want to professionally mask your petite stature. Meanwhile, for taller ladies, long trench coats will most certainly give them royalty and splendor. 

Trench Coat with Wide Lapels

This type of trench goes perfectly for shorter ladies who’re looking for ways to hide their slim complexion, while the plus size girls should undeniably avoid wearing them. However, make sure you choose wisely so you won’t regret it later. 

Choosing the perfect trench coat style and size for you should not be a hassle, especially if you’re eager to experiment with various trends. Take some time and consider your height and your body shape before investing in your next trench coat and most importantly don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion.



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