The Ultimate Survival Guide To Wearing Socks For Men

Kicking off an affair with a formal suit and a sartorial pair of shiny cufflinks is probably just not on a man’s hit list anymore. Gloving your feet with a pair of socks might be an easy feat since it is always at the bottom of our checklist while getting ready. We are, therefore, pretty adamant to elevate their monotonous status of being classified as a comfortable asset to an entity that is reminiscent of fashion and elegance with this Guide To Wearing Socks For Men.

Guide To Wearing Socks For Men

Types Of Men’s Socks


Justin Trudeau has raised the bar for men who might have once probably feared of losing a pair of plain ol’ white socks at the Laundromat. With the sock hop a novel style of showing your dance moves, we bring you the ultimate survival guide to kick off – pardon the pun – novelty and fashion with your feet in more ways than one.

No-Show Socks


Consider it a fashion statement instead of going literal with the terms – experts who thought that patrolling the streets in shorts perhaps introduced no-show socks and calf-length socks were fashionably unvocal. However, no-show socks end right above the heel and this is perhaps one of the perks of sporting them with sneakers and loafers. Wearing no-show socks with sandals or shoes that tend to irritate the back of the feet can cause blisters on your skin.



With the ability to hug your feet right beneath the ankles so that you can flaunt them at the gym with leisure, most experts have also referred to ankle socks as athletic socks. While many people consider ankle socks to be a fashion dilemma, ankle socks have practically saved men from wearing no-show socks to the gym and complaining of blisters at the back of their heels or avoiding an excuse of wearing calf-length socks and complaining of them being ‘outdated’.

Calf-Length Socks


There has been quite a lot of debate on this matter, and we have finally come to acknowledge the fact that calf-length socks aren’t disparagingly outdated. They are highly chic, fashionable and elegant – for the modern man – and can exhibit a modest look or a second-to-funk and bold look. Since graphic art is on the rage nowadays, fashion designers can be seen embracing all kinds of wayward patterns and queer designs on calf-length socks. Sporting calf-length socks might appear as a style that should only be worn by elderly men, but in reality, is a style that is not only fool-proof but exquisite, chic and elegant to pull off.

Signing Off Vogue With The Right Pair Of Socks


It’s 2018 and men are still fidgeting with endless pairs of white woven socks to wear to work. Mentioned below are a few ideas and style tips that could help you choose the right pair of socks for the right occasion.

Pair No-Show Socks With Suits


Sporting no-show socks under polo shirts and shirts at the golf club is an excellent choice, but sporting them with a pair of Raybans under a checkered two-piece suit to office would be brilliant. We represent a group of people who like to tick off the likes of conservative brown-and-black over-the-calf socks, so why not knock the door of the opportunity when you can? Jokes apart, no-show socks look classy and are comfortable enough to support your canvas sneakers from slipping down.

Bringing Sexy Back With Bold Over-The-Calf Socks


We’ve been all over the place with socks that highlight fashion and pattern in more ways than one. Regardless to say, abstract hues have managed to conquer modesty with a classic and bold touch, and are, therefore, here to stay.

Pattern On Pattern – A Big No


Losing our heads over heels – pardon the pun – over patterns especially when we are wearing similar shirts or suits can be a big bummer. For instance, try not to wear checkered socks with pants that have a similar pattern. However, stripes and polka dots are patterns that exhibit versatility and timeless universality.

Coordinate Your Outfit


Try to coordinate your outfit with your pair of socks to avoid a common colour clash. However, wearing a royal blue outfit with cerulean socks doesn’t seem too bad, and can help you play the matching game adequately as well.


Also, we are pretty much tired of people telling us to play it safe and pull off a modest look with plain navy or black socks at a formal occasion. Well, if Trudeau can be modest enough to sport bold and printed over-the-calf socks to his affairs, then we think there is a way we can stop men from standing out.



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