3 Good Reasons To Include Spa Visits In Your Holistic Lifestyle

“A vibrant body, a radiant mind, a loving heart, and an honorable life” is how inspirational author, Stefan Edmunds, envisions holistic living, and his words ring true in this day and age, when stress has reached epidemic proportions. According to The American Institute of Stress, around 73% of people regularly experience the symptoms of psychological stress. The statistics are a big wake-up call to the need to give holistic treatments like massage, Reiki, and feet rituals – many of which can be enjoyed at spas – the importance they deserve. Spas are definitely not just about beauty treatments and turning back the hands of time; they can – and should – play an important role in your holistic health strategy.

Good Reasons To Include Spa Visits In Your Holistic Lifestyle


Spa Visits As Stress Busters

If you’re planning a spa visit soon, make sure to book a long massage. Studies have shown that massage can lower blood pressure, reduce muscle tightness, improve blood flow and breathing, and reduce stress and anxiety. Because stress is so prevalent in the U.S. and many nations across the globe, health professionals strongly recommended holistic, natural ways to reduce stress – including yoga, meditation, breathing and massage. As stated by Viva Day Spa, however, not all massage treatments are alike. That is, if you are very stressed, a relaxing foot ritual or a soothing Swedish massage should be opted for in lieu of an invigorating sports massage or a deep tissue massage, which is intense but not as relaxing as ‘softer’ treatments. Aromatherapy treatments with music are a particularly powerful way to reduce stress dramatically.


Massage Boosts The Immunity

Massage can help prevent colds and enhance skin tone, since it has an immune-boosting effect. A study by researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center found that those who enjoy a massage experience have measurable changes in their body’s immune and endocrine systems. The latter plays an important role in everything from sexual function right through to reproduction, sleep and mood, so it is easy to glean its importance. In the study, people who received a Swedish massage showed big improvements in the percentage of white blood cells that defend the body against disease.

Shot of a mature couple enjoying a relaxing massage

Spas A Way To Embrace Younger, Healthier Skin

Many people are too busy to take care of their skin daily,  meaning that skin can become congested and clogged with spots and blackheads. These problems can cause discomfort and affect your self-confidence and general well-being. Spa facials targeting specific problems can kickstart your beauty routine in a powerful way. Deep cleaning facials, for instance, can instantly rid your complexion of clogged pores through techniques like steaming and extraction. Masques, scrubs, and the application of solutions with high percentages of active ingredients, meanwhile, can target issues like fine lines and dryness. A spa visit can give you the motivation and knowledge you need to begin a personalized skin routine. Top spas usually carry excellent skincare ranges, and the knowledgeable staff can point you in the right direction so you can continue to care for skin at home.


The Soothing Effects Of Water

Many people enjoy uniting water therapy with massages during their spa visits. Thus, many spas have water areas featuring steam baths, ice caves, Jacuzzis, Himalayan salt rooms, sensation showers, and circuit pools (featuring jet massage). Water features such as whirlpools are an ideal holistic indulgence, since they combine stress relief with physical benefits, such as soothing muscle and joint pain, boosting the circulation, and aiding skin release toxins. Warm water and steam baths can also be beneficial when you feel congested or have asthma, since the moist heat acts as a natural expectorant, helping to open the airways.


Spas are arguably one of the most pleasurable holistic means of achieving balance and soothing body and mind. Stress is inexorably linked to many physical ailments, so on this level alone, spas can help prevent diseases linked to tension and worry. The effect of touch is also powerful, with many studies showing that deep body treatments like hot stone and Swedish massages enhance relaxation and reduce muscle stiffness and tension.



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