Get your Post Quarantine Wardrobe updated with these four different shoes

With the restrictions of the pandemic now being lifted, people are happy to go and travel. Give those happy feet the luxury of traveling in style. At last, they have the freedom to move about! 

Let’s look at the main categories of footwear that one can wear post quarantine.  Men’s shoes can be differentiated into formal, informal or casual wear, traditional, and sportswear.

Formal Shoes

These shoes are mainly worn by office goers, that is office going wear and party wear. They are closed pair laced shoes made of leather fabric, canvas, rubber faux leather, and suede. They are mainly laced shoes and have to be worn along with matching socks. Black and brown are the colors that you definitely need to have in your wardrobe.

These shoes are essential which can be worn on many occasions – whether it is for office meetings, impressing your clients, for interviews, going to a relative’s place, and even for parties. Different styles of formal wear shoes are available in the market, the most marked ones being the pointed toe or a rounded toe front. One also has a variety in terms of the heel and sole – a flat-heeled or a high heeled and options of the sole are flat soles or soles with height, square rubber sole or wooden,  one can choose from a variety of them.

Traditional shoes

going to a place of worship or celebrating those special festive occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Eid, traditional wedding, kick off your formal wear shoes. Cause even with traditional shoes; you are spoilt for options. Some of the traditional footwear are the Mojari,, Jodhpuri and Kolhapuri’s. These can be worn on any traditional kurta pyjama or sherwani. With the festivities just around the corner, give your feet the best look that they deserve. Traditional shoes are mainly made of natural fabric, mostly leather or faux leather and jute.

Casual shoes

Men have a variety of casual footwear to choose from. One could go with the semi-formal moccasins to the more comfy flip flops. Choose from gladiators, loafers, open toe strap sandals, canvas closed pair moccasins, slip-on, sliders, boat, boots and sandals, and even canvas sneakers. Wear them to work along with weekend casual dressing while shopping. Wear them with khakis,  jeans, denim shorts.  This can be worn at the coffee shop, while going shopping, walking around the block down the street. 

Sportswear and Gym wear

Shoes for running, which you can match with matching apparel you can find on Sneaker Release Tees, or weight training shoes, have different soles based on their use.For everyday walks and light exercise, even a sneaker would work best. Gym shoes are lightweight, with good airflow and a usually flat sole. The foot arch in these shoes are flat for better floor grip during a workout. Sneakers are versatile in use both for the gym as well as casual wear. 



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