5 Fun Activities to Do with Your Furry Friend

We know it has been easy to spend your time (and money) on yourself lately! But that also means you may not have made time for activities with your furry friend. We are hoping to give you some activity ideas that you can use, that way your animal family knows you still love them.

Go on a trail walk or hike

Ahhh, the great outdoors! It always gives us a new perspective and we tend to be revitalized when we get some fresh air in our lungs. There is no question that our furry friends want us to be our best selves at all times! So, get out there and take them on a w-a-l-k (we aren’t supposed to say that word out loud, right?) or hike on a trail near you! Visit the AllTrails website and get their app. This is an easy way to figure out where to take your furry pal, or maybe where NOT to. If your pup gets tired easily, or scared while out and about, this site allows you to do your research before getting out there!

Take them to a neighbour’s house

Ok, this may seem like an easy one, but I think we sometimes forget how much our furry friends LOVE to get out and see people. Plus, this might be a time where your friends need that animal time they may not get anymore. Don’t let all the excitement parch your pooch. This portable dog water bottle and bowl by KONG will help you to keep your pal hydrated on the go. It is extremely easy to use and comes in different sizes and colors, that way you can pick the proper one for your BFF (best furry friend).

Relaxing day at home

If the Mailperson happened to have a delivery for you every day, it is possible your pets have had enough action and excitement for the week. A CBDfx pet tincture is the answer to your pet relaxation wants. CBDfx has made it easy for you to pick the product that is perfect for your pet. They have different concentration levels that you can choose from based on your pet’s size and weight. The oil in the tincture is cleanly extracted and they never use any chemicals or toxic solvents. The oil that results from this process restricts the presence of THC to almost untraceable amounts, that way you know your furry friend is always safe and healthy.

Self-timer photo shoot

Is your pup tired of you taking pictures of them yet? If so, we have a great idea to give taking a picture with them a new spin. The Pooch Selfie Smart Phone Accessory is an ideal tool to help you achieve that Insta-worthy selfie… with your furry pals. We know you have mastered your make-up skills during quarantine, so dust off those palettes and matte lipsticks and get picture ready! The tennis ball will draw your dog’s attention, and keep it until you get that forward camera facing selfie, or the portrait mode photo with a self-timer.

Go pick out a new collar

If you are tired of being cooped up in your house all day, imagine how your furry friend feels. Maybe it’s time to upgrade their collar, and take them on a field trip! Petco has every collar imaginable and maybe your furry pal can even help you pick one out! Of course, they don’t have a bank account, so you get the final say. Taking them to the pet store is also a great way to get them up and active. It will get their brains stimulated from all the smells, and if they are good, they may even get some extra pets and treats from the employees.

It is safe to say, that no matter what activities you get into with your furry friend, they are going to love it. They love YOU and want to have fun together! And these activities will bring smiles and tail wags, what more could we want?



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