A Genius Guide to Finding the Right Anniversary Present

Anniversary gifts are another great excuse to celebrate and let your other half know just how much you love them. However, it’s another occasion on the calendar to try and think of an amazing gift that will impress them, which can be difficult sometimes! Finding the Right Anniversary Present and buying them may be easier in the early years of marriage, especially if you need still things for your home! If this isn’t the case, and you’re struggling for inspiration, here are a few ideas to get you started for your anniversary gift.

Finding the Right Anniversary Present


Traditional Anniversary Presents

There are pre-set anniversary themes for each year of marriage that you can stick to. They are very traditional and have been around for decades, which many couples use as a guide to buying anniversary presents.

Themed Accessories



The theme for your first wedding anniversary is paper; you could consider buying luxury stationery, journals or a must-have book. Your second year is cotton, third is leather and fourth is linen or silk. These are great themes for buying beautiful clothes, leather accessories and even cheeky gifts like knickers. Buying underwear has long been a great anniversary gift, especially if it has a luxury finish like silk!

Customised Jewelry



Some of the big anniversaries include your 10th year, represented traditionally by tin. Your 25th anniversary is also known as your silver wedding anniversary, with your 50th known as your gold wedding anniversary. These are perfect themes for a great gift.

You can also commemorate your anniversary with a particular color or gemstone. For example, your third wedding anniversary calls for pearls, while your 5th anniversary is represented by sapphire. This can provide extra inspiration for your gift ideas, such as personalized jewelry.

Modern Anniversary Presents

Of course, there is no rule that says you have to stick to the traditional themes! You may want to think of your own anniversary present that is much more meaningful to you as a couple. The choices here are endless, but here are a few ideas to kick-start your imagination.

Framed Photographs


If you want to celebrate the memories you’ve had together so far, consider classic choices such as framed photographs. Pick your favorite photo, or gather a collage of them from over the years. You might also want to consider something a little quirky, like a scratch map; you can scratch off the places you’ve traveled to together.

Bring them Closer to Themselves or a Weekend Trip


If you want to give your other half an experience to remember, look into enrolling them into a class like cooking, photography or something else they loves doing. It’s probably something they’ll never have done themselves, and will love you for giving them an extra push! Failing that, you could whisk them away to a weekend destination they’ve always wanted to explore.

Reader Alert? How about a Couple of Books!


In case your better half is a voracious reader, then you can also give them a couple of books written by their favorite author. So, if you are going for this option, make sure that you spend some time figuring out the kind of books your spouse loves to read. In short, the key to gifting an astonishing book to your partners is to focus both on the author and the genre.

Something Adventurous


If you understand your spouse fully, you can’t go wrong with your gift idea. On the other hand, if your better half enjoys carrying out adventurous activities, you can gift them a durable sports watch, camping gift cards, and a long-lasting backpack, etc. On the other hand, if your better half enjoys carrying out adventurous activities, you can gift them a durable sports watch, camping gift cards, and a long-lasting backpack, etc.

Clothes and Accessories


However, if your partner love dressing up, you can even buy beautiful clothes for them. While doing so, you have to keep in mind their favorite color, and fabrics. When it comes to buying clothes as an anniversary present for females, then it’s better to check out the fashion trends over the internet before making any purchase. And the sample formula applies when it comes to purchasing clothes for males.

DIY and Done!


If you are a creative person, then you can also create something on your own for your partner. For example, if you love painting, then you can make one to gift your partner that reminds them of something special. In case you are good at landscape painting, then you can make an effort to draw a place where you have spent some remarkable moments with your better half. When you gift it to your spouse, it will bring a priceless smile on their face. If your partner is madly in love with you, they will happily accept everything that you gift them.

In short, whatever you choose for your anniversary present this year, as long as you’re buying it with your other half in mind, you simply can’t go wrong! Good luck!



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