12 Tried And Tested Conversation Start-Ups For Your Fab First Date

Before you leave the house with make-up scattered on your vanity and scores of outfits scrambled all across the floor on the big day of your first date with butterflies in your stomach, there are a few things that you need to work on. Conversation starters can be confusing and awkward, especially if you are dining out with your crush after such a long time. Breaking the ice is always necessary, but continuing a conversation intelligently speaks a lot about your personality in addition to your opinions and choices.

Instead of scaring your crush, how about we help you with these safe Conversation Start-Ups For Your Fab First Date so you don’t fumble around and make a nervous wreck out of yourself on your date night. Let actions do the talking and let your gestures tell him that you love him.

Conversation Start-Ups For Your Fab First Date

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So, How Has Your Day Been So Far?

After a couple of greetings, hugs and an exchange of quaint how-are-yous, you could go ahead and be how your date’s day has been so far. In the first date, most people would tend to just quote ‘awesome’ or ‘fine’ with a smirk or a faint smile, while a fair majority would tend to boast about their work ethics and the poor politics of their boss at work.

One question always leads to another, and this can turn a simple conversation starter into a detailed discussion about work, leisure and hobbies as well. Since it is the first date, you can zone down the weird glances and cue in on the giggles – but not too much since fake grins can be unpleasing at times.

So, What Has Been Work Like?

As an adjuvant to the first question, talking about work with your date can be relieving and fun at the same time. Not only do you get to know about your date’s work ethics, but also his career options and financial management system. Discussing about your work’s ups and downs with your date will most commonly warrant a reply, ‘No kidding, you too? Same here!’ Try not to be intrusive on the first date, and avoid fantasizing about cherries in your wedding cake with his rugged replies already.

What Do You Like To Do In Leisure?

‘What are your hobbies? Do you like watching movies? If so, what’s your favourite genre?” While discussing about books, movies and theatre can be one of the greatest conversation start-ups for your fab first date, try not to get carried away with too much data and stats. There is a possibility that your opinions might differ, especially when it comes to the genre of movies, or perhaps he doesn’t read that many books at all. Try not to be degraded or turned off, since there are plenty of interests and choices open for you to discuss about.

Do You Like Dogs? Do You Have Pets?

This question is always an ice-breaker, especially if your crush has a liking for pets. You two could talk about your pets and their habits, or your plans for adopting one in the future. You could discuss about your pets’ favourite foods, and get suggestions from your date regarding your pet’s care, protection and favours.

Comment On The Ambience Of The Restaurant:

“Wow, this sure is cozy and beautiful.” Sure, this statement couldn’t work if you’re dining in a café along the street, but at least you get the idea. If you don’t like crowded places, you could always tell your date and decide before you plan on going out to avoid conflicts. Taking your date’s opinion and asking where he would like to go is also recommended as a conversation start-up for your fab first date, since this wouldn’t only mean that you care about his preferences but also that you don’t want him to do things that he isn’t interested in.

Compliment His Shoes Or Shirt:

Sure, you might hear “You look beautiful today,” from your date, but how do you react? That blush in your cheeks is sure to make him wary for more compliments, right? Noticing the attire of your date could also help you know about his taste and likes in clothing. Shrieking ‘Are those VANS?” isn’t quite favorable since VANS are too hard to not be noticed. You could always comment, “I really like your shirt or your outfit or something like, “Nice t-shirt, Evan (or whatever your date’s name is).

Pro-Tip: Compliment his hairstyle right on the first date.

Past Conversations:

Surely, there must be an array of exchanged text messages or a couple of phone calls to set the time and day of the date, right? While discussing the date, you might get to know that your date can’t make a specific day due to his part-time job, sport tryouts or practice, music lessons or babysitting or any kind of affair that is safe to be asked about in the first date.

Did You See The Big Game? Which Football Club Are You Into?

While munching on your cheese fries, you could ask your date regarding his interests in sports and whether he enjoys playing one or not. Ask about his favorite NBA player, or his prowess in his game of FIFA. You could also let him know about your favorite sports and possibly, discuss your favorite sportsmen or the last game while going for a walk in the park. Also, you could always take your date out to a game to find out more about his interests and sides.

What Kind Of Music Do You Like To Listen To?

So, is he a ‘Coldplay’ or an EDM kinda guy? Exchange playlists or discuss the hit songs of the 80s. You could always discuss Freddie Mercury, Elvis or the Prince if you think his music choices don’t match with yours. Also, getting to know about his opinions regarding music and his favorite artists and bands, and possibly catching up by listening to his favorite CD wouldn’t possibly hurt, or would it?

What Do You Plan On Ordering Tonight?

A big menu always confuses people on the first date, especially if the restaurant you picked out is your favourite burger joint and you want to avoid looking sloppy with relish and mustard on your nose right away. While this is a mere concern and there are tissue papers and napkins within your reach, you could always take your time or let your double his order for you if you’re confused at a new place.

You could discuss the options and ask him if he is a vegan or not. If he is a vegan, you could order just fries and a milkshake on the first date to not appear rude or caring for him.

Want To Take A Walk Before Going Home?

After talking so much, you could ask him if he would like to take a walk someplace or grab an ice-cream later on, since late night walks might help you get out of your comfort zone and talk about things that you hadn’t planned to as well. Instead of asking about hobbies, you could also ask about his family and siblings, as long as you’re not intrusive and awkward. Or maybe these romantic proposal quotes could win his heart for you.

Aren’t First Dates Awkward?

While heading back home, you could laugh about the idea about having an awkward first date with a guy that you really liked, and say, “I thought my first date with you would be awkward since we might have had nothing to talk about, but thanks for a great evening. I thoroughly enjoyed tonight. I’d call you tomorrow if that’s okay with you?”

Try not going for an intimate kiss right on the first date, since it can be a turn-off right away for most people. You could always peck his cheek and hug him while smiling and battering your eye-lashes. You could text him after some time before going to bed, and thank him for the date you just had again.

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Most people tend to choose the movies as an option for the first date, since you get to talk less and still share your interests before a screen. This not only encourages another date, but also helps you two to get a little bit intimate such as holding hands without rushing in. It’s your first date, and we know that there could be a rightful amount of pressure involved, but hey, talk it is and talk you should to find out more about the man in front of you instead of just trying to loosely impress him. Now, if you think you found your Mr.Right maybe these are a few questions you must ask yourself before deciding to get married.



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