#SpreadHappiness by Being Happy – 10 Tips to Make your Life an Inspiration

Of course, we all reach a stage in our life, when we start questioning our decisions. You might have also got that. Right? Sometimes we have a thousand reasons to be happy in our lives, but for some reason, we are not able to fully be content with our lives. Don’t worry you are not alone; there are a lot of other people who cross this confusing path in their lives. While being you is the best way to keep yourself happy, sometimes we are not able to appreciate our lives, and that is what the biggest problem is. So come let’s solve this problem. Being happy is an asset that not all are lucky to get but you, though, will make your life an inspiration for others for sure!


Being Happy

Whatever you are doing is worth it


Innovation and challenge are key aspects of being happy. The brain is kindled by surprise and when you are able to deal with unexpected situation successfully it gives your brain a sense of satisfaction. Ever noticed that the people who are up for new challenges are likely to be happier than people who choose to stay in their comfort zone?

Don’t run after the best


Nobody is perfect and neither are you. So, cut yourself some slack and don’t insist on being the best of everything. All you have to is the best for yourself. Sometimes it is better to stick with good and trust me that will help you in being happy.

Don’t keep your anger inside you for long


This one of the useful tips of being happy. If you are angry at something or someone, let it out in the best possible way. Don’t go to bed with that anger. If you will keep it inside, soon the anger will become annoyance and they both have the biggest effect on your happiness.

Don’t jump into the depth


When you look for being happy in your life you don’t necessarily have to perform long meditation session or answer deep question about yourself. Just begin with the basics like go to sleep on time, eat healthy, etc.

Exercise daily


Do people advice you to exercise? Well, if yes then start doing as soon as possible. Exercise is a good way of starting your day. Remember exercise is one of the best ways to lighten your mood. In fact, just 10 minutes’ walk can help you in being happy.

Happiness in the market?


We have a need to feel loved, and secure along with that we want to have a sense of control over something. While money doesn’t directly fulfill these needs, it surely is a helping hand. Spending money on family and friends has turn out to be healthy for our needs. This is also helpful in avoiding the conflicts we face in different relationship. So, sometimes buying happiness also helps in being happy.

It is okay to fake it


Fake it… but just to make it happy. If you are feeling blue, intentionally act happy and eventually you will find yourself being happy. If you are angry at someone, as hard it may be for you, try to do something thoughtful for that person; it is one of the best and effective strategies.

If you are gloomy, don’t reach for the treat


You may feel like reaching for a box of ice cream or cookie, when feeling sad. But, after the pleasure of a minute or so, you will be back to being depressed. Sure you may think that you feel good after eating ice cream or a couple of glasses of wine, but just ask yourself this, will it actually make things better for you?

Nobody likes a nagger


While looking for being happy, do one thing, stop nagging all the time. Once you do that you will instantly see the positive change in your life. Of course you have to say something when someone does things wrong; try wordless hint, they are much more effective.

Happiness won’t come to you; you have to work for it


People think that happiness is something that comes naturally. While it is genetically true, a large part of happiness is under your own control. So if you don’t think you are happy, get up and do something about it.


Don’t let your heart compare yourself with others. And don’t yourself feel below someone. It is necessary to love yourself first. Then only others will love you. And this is the key for being happy. Keep smiling!



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