Becoming a Master At the Power Nap

Many people don’t get enough sleep. Let’s be clear that the definition of “enough,” depends from person to person, and the Internet can’t decide what’s the best amount. You can find resources saying that 6 hours of sleep is great, and then another source saying that sleeping for six hours is as useful as not sleeping at all. Anywhere from 7 to 8 to 10 hours of sleep is thrown around.

It’s best you don’t overthink it, and try to get as much quality sleep as you can. However, if you’ve been having trouble sleeping, a power nap can help you perk up. Here’s how.

Therapy for Sleep

If you are having trouble with insomnia or any other issues, online therapy may be able to help.

What is a Power Nap?

A power nap is a short nap that is usually done in the afternoon. By short, we’re talking about under a half hour. Different times for the power nap have been thrown, but the point is that power naps are short.

Some people will nap for hours, but a long nap can make you feel groggier. A power nap puts you in light sleep and allows you to get some energy you need. If you want a longer nap, 90 minutes works.

Napping midday is the best move. For most people, that’s around 12-3 PM, but it may differ depending on when you wake up.

So if you want to succeed in life, nap a little more.

How to Master the Power Nap

If you need a power nap, here are some tips to get you started.

The Right Environment

Ideally, the best place for a nap is a dark environment. If you work in an office and you have no bedroom, lying on your desk or in a stall may be a good move. Using a blindfold can help make it dark if everything seems so bright.

Make sure you’re in a cool place. A temperature of around 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit is good. Wear lighter clothes if you can’t control the temperature.

Finally, listen to some white noise to drown out the sounds. Your device can play some waves, meditation, or anything else that helps you relax.

A Coffee Boost?

For many, coffee is like a drug addiction. A few cups a day may be good for you, however. One of your cups can be taken immediately before the nap.

But won’t that keep you awake? It takes a while for coffee to kick in. It usually kicks in as soon as you wake up. This may help give you a bigger boost in energy.

Time Yourself

Make sure you have an alarm. You don’t want to oversleep!

What if I Can’t Fall Asleep?

Having only 30 minutes to sleep seems a bit ridiculous, especially if you’re someone who takes an hour or more to fall asleep. However, just closing your eyes and resting a bit helps. And a power nap is an art. It may take many attempts before you’re power napping. By the way, one way you can get better sleep is to plan family activities.

Naps Aren’t Enough

With that said, try to sleep well the night before. If you’re having sleeping issues, it’s important that you talk to a professional and see if you can figure out why. With that said, a power nap is a great move for those rough nights.



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