Are Leggings Still Trending In 2021?

Leggings are one of the most practical bits of clothing you can own – they have evolved quite a lot and have varied hugely in their purpose, but are still super useful nonetheless. Leggings are pretty much a hybrid between a pair of jeans and a pair of tights – they are more comfortable and more stretchy and can be used as a solo piece of clothing as well as an under layer beneath skirts or dresses. Leggings have been around for such a long time, but they have really stayed on-trend. Here are just a couple of the reasons why that is.

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Why Leggings Are Worn

Firstly, why are leggings worn? The answer is simple. They are super practical and have an elasticated waistband, so are perfect for lots of different occasions. Leggings were first seen in the 1950s, at which point they resembled tights, often without the foot. Once people realized how comfortable they were, they started making them in slightly thicker materials so that they could be more versatile. We all recognize the 70s and the 80s as eras for colorful and patterned tie-dye leggings and flared leggings – a trend that has somewhat returned nowadays. Having a pair of leggings is now pretty much an essential part of your wardrobe.

Different Kinds Of Leggings

Leggings can be used as loungewear in order to optimize comfort levels around the house, but equally, they can be worn for exercise or even for going out. You may be thinking, how on earth can one piece of clothing be worn on pretty much all occasions? The solution is having an endless number of legging styles for each different occasion. For exercise, leggings are ideal – they are breathable, aerodynamic and stretchy, meaning they are perfect for those hard runs or workouts. Take a look at all of these different Legging Trends to find out what kind of thing is on offer these days.

Who Are Leggings For?

Leggings are one of those curious clothing items that don’t really have a specific target audience – they can be worn by everyone and anyone. Starting from small babies, leggings are ideal since they stay up nicely and are comfortable for newborns. Likewise, for children, adults, and seniors, they are a perfect thing to own. Leggings are more commonly worn by women but men often wear them during sports too – especially when on a run underneath a pair of shorts. Practically, they’re great, as they are super insulating, particularly if you get thermal leggings.

If getting a pair of leggings has ever crossed your mind, definitely go for it. You will only need a pair or two but will end up practically living in them and wearing them so often that they’ll become like a second skin. They’re a super affordable purchase most of the time, but more expensive ones can be bought if they’re designed for a specific purpose, such as going clubbing or doing sport. It seems that they’ll never go out of style!



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