All You Should Know About Brazilian Hair For Sew In

Sew In Weave

A sew in weave is a technique for wearing wigs which involves fixing extensions onto one’s hair to achieve a fuller and longer effect that one’s natural hair does not have. When making sew in hair, the hair stylist braids the hair into cornrows first, then uses a big sewing needle and thread to sew the weft of the extensions onto the cornrows.

Depending on the hair style, not all parts of the hair will need braiding, because the front or edges will be required to make the hair look natural. It is a perfect option for anyone who wishes to grow her natural hair out without having to worry about daily styling. Initially, sew in weave might feel foreign and uncomfortable, but after a couple of days, your head will get used to the sensation.

Advantages of Using Sew In

It lasts longer than the glue in hair method, taking up to 12 weeks before the weave or hairstyle requires a change. The glue in hair style falls apart after a few weeks, while the thread in sew in is fastened to the cornrows tightly, preventing sudden fall outs.

It helps you grow your hair out for as long as possible

It does not damage the hair, rather it is a protective hairstyle. Because the hair underneath the weave is left alone for weeks, your hair can use that time to recover from previous damages and grow in length and fullness.

Compared to the obvious wefts of a glue in hair, sew in looks completely natural, especially when the edges of the natural hair are combed around it.

It gives you the chance to try something new in color, length, volume, style, and texture.

It gives room for the ends of your hair to recover, provided that the braids are not too tight, the weave is sewn in correctly. Sewing it in and taking it off has to be done correctly, so as not to cut off some parts of the natural hair.

It does not spoil your weave, so you can still reuse it whenever you want.

Sew in suits all hair styles and kinds; both synthetic and natural, long or short.

Who Can Wear Sew In Weaves?

Contrary to the common misconception that only African American women should wear sew in weaves, any ethnicity can actually do it. People with softer hair textures that do not support braids can use protective styling or hair products to make the cornrows stay. So, all races are allowed to wear sew in without fear of ridicule.

What Kind of Weave Should You Use For Sew In?

While sew in allows the wearer to use either synthetic weaves or human hair weaves, it is usually more attractive to use human hair. Synthetic hair retains color but it looks too artificial and gives the nature of your hairstyle away. The shiny and rubbery nature makes it appear unnatural and they do not last very long at all, because it gets matted and tangled easily.

They cannot be washed or styled with heat, leaving you with no option than to stick to one boring hairstyle. The synthetic nature also makes it repellant to dyes for highlights, ombre, balayage, or sombre. The only popular benefit is the level of its affordability; it is very cheap and easy to get.

Human hair on the other hand gives you a more natural look; no one will know the hair is not yours unless you say otherwise. Human hair is from a human donor, which makes it easy to maintain, susceptible to dye, allows heat styling, and gives you a realistic appearance. Human hair is soft, luxurious, and will match the color and texture of your natural hair if need be.

Well, quality over quantity, so try not to fret when you see the price tag attached to a bundle of human hair, because it is worth it.

What Is The Best Human Hair Weave Available For Sew In?

First, you have to remember that your hair, like a lion’s mane, is your pride. For you to maintain your pride, you need the very best of the best. Already, we have ascertained that human hair weaves are the best for sew in.

Now, the question is this: what is the best human hair to use for sew in?

The answer is simple, and it is Brazilian weave. Brazilian weave comes from the women in the pacific area of Brazil, and it comes in different colors, lengths, styles, and texture; all reminisce of a natural human hair. The most notable characteristic of a Brazilian weave is its penchant for versatility- full body, lovely texture, and bouncy. It also comes in different styles- wavy, curly, and straight.

Brazilian Hair For Sew In

For sew in, there are different kinds of Brazilian weaves that are perfect for the job. They come in different styles and you may end up getting confused, because they are all just so beautiful ad luxurious. So, if you want to use Brazilian weave for sew in, here are the kinds you can buy:

The Brazilian Curly Human Hair: the curls in this weave are thick, natural, soft, and bouncy. You can wash it, have your bath with it, or swim with it because the curls will never be affected. You can style it with heat, throw in dye, or braid some parts of it to make you look distinct and stylish.

The Brazilian Straight Human Hair: straight hair might look simple, uptight, or sophisticated, but with Brazilian hair, your straight hair will have a stylish sheen to it. Forget the fact that straight hair is overrated or over emphasized, Brazilian weave will make yours look like the new cool. The ends of the hair might be curled though, because the Brazilian hair must always have a hint of curls at all times.

The Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair: the waviness of this weave is characterized by the noticeable big S shape pattern it seems to carry. The waviness is stylish, flexible, and has the ability to blend in with all hair textures. When you brush your hair over it, natural or relaxed, it is difficult to notice the differences because of the bounce and shine it reflects.

The Brazilian Loose Wave Human Hair: the waviness of this weave is characterized by its unique spiral wavy patterns. The spirals are shiny, soft, bouncy, and easy to comb. It does not break, tangle, or resist heat styling. What’s more? It blends in with all kinds of hair.

What Are The Benefits of Using Brazilian Hair For Sew In?

When you want to try sew in with human hair, you need to choose Brazilian weave because it has some advantages over the others. Those benefits include:

It is durable and it lasts longer than any other type of human hair, including Indian, Malaysian, and Japanese human hair. It remains beautiful after a ton of heat styling, hair products, and dyeing.

They are so natural that no one would ever know the hair is not yours. They shine, bounce, curl, and feel like the ones attached to your skull.

It takes all the hair treatment you would give your own hair. That includes braiding, heating, dyeing, curling, and washing.

It allows styling- layered, straightened, or trimmed, making you stand out from the usual crowd.

It is 100% natural without any addition of synthetic fibers.

Sometimes, it comes with a clip, which allows you to use the clip as a clip on weave with your hair when necessary. You can also easily remove it when you want the needle and thread option.

The maintenance and styling is quite easy because it does not mat or tangle easily like some other brands of human hair.

After using it for sew in, you can still use your Brazilian human hair to make wigs.

The hair is naturally full and bouncy, meaning you won’t need a lot of bundles for sew in. The few bundles you have will be enough to make your look bouncy, full, and shiny.

The beauty of Brazilian weave comes from its ability to blend with any hair, unlike other human hair brands. It fits in perfectly with a Caucasian woman’s hair, a natural African woman’s hair, the relaxed one, or an Asian woman’s hair.

The overall outlook of Brazilian human hair is to make your sew in appear beautiful, elegant, and fluffy like no other.

How Do You Get The Best Brazilian Hair For Sew In?

Because of the beauty, popularity, and unique qualities of Brazilian hair, some companies now try to pass off other brands of human hair as Brazilian hair. It can be painful when you spend good money on a weave, only to discover it is not what you wanted. So, how do you get a real Brazilian human hair for sew in?

Choose what suits you: you need to be sure of what you want; the color, the length, the style, and texture. Once you know all these, searching and finding the best bundle becomes easier.

Search online: enter the details of what you want on credible online stores, and you will find it. Make sure they have return or refund policies before you patronize them.

Ask around: if you don’t trust online vendors, you can ask your friends or co-workers for the best Brazilian hair stores around. Sometimes, the best person to direct you will be the hairstylist.

Note that Brazilian human hair is considerably more expensive than all other types of human hair.

How Many Brazilian Hair Bundles Do You Need For Sew In?

The best person to ask would be your stylist because it all depends on what style of sew in you want. So, the following are the number of bundles you will need for each hairstyle:

  • Side Part: Side part full sew in is undeniably beautiful, and it suits just about anybody. For you to get the full effect and heaviness of a side part, you will need to buy 3 bundles of wavy Brazilian human hair. Wavy hair tends to be fuller than the others, so anything more than 3 bundles will be pushing the boundaries. When it is curly Brazilian hair, three and a half bundles should do the trick. For a straight weave on the other hand, you will need four whole bundles to get the full effect.
  • Center Part: Especially for people with oblong faces, center part is the real deal, just finish the effects with a little highlight at the ends. When it is a straight Brazilian weave, 4 bundles or four and a half will do the trick, because of the location of the part. For a wavy Brazilian hair, 3 is still enough, no matter the location of the part. When it is curly, you will need three and a half bundles to get the job done.
  • Half braid half weave: Some consider this style of sew in as ghetto or razz, but we love to think it is beautiful and refreshing. To complete the look, let your weave be a Brazilian human hair, especially a wavy one (either spiral or S-shaped). You will only need two or two and a half bundles of wavy Brazilian weave for this style, while a straight Brazilian weave will require three bundles.
  • Ponytail: While straight weaves are the best ones for this style, curly, wavy, and spiral can also be great and different for your ponytail. 3 bundles of Brazilian body wave will always get the job done, and 4 bundles of straight Brazilian human hair.
  • Bob: since bob is short and sleek, 3 bundles of eight to eighteen inch straight Brazilian weave will complete the glamorous look you are aiming for.
  • Afro: Afro is kinky, beautiful, and different from the regular look. For the perfect afro sew in, you will need three to four bundles of Afro Kinky Curly Brazilian Hair, which is a 100% afro human hair. It is full, silky, soft, and easy to style.
  • Shaved style: This truly unique style allows you to combine a shaved hair one side, and a weave on the other. You will need the same bundles of weave you used for the half braid half weave style.
  • Bangs: here, you should get 3 bundles of straight Brazilian human hair for the primary sew in and half a bundle for your bangs. If you love full and long bangs, one bundle will take care of it.

Other Factors That Affect The Number of Needed Bundles

Your hairstyle is not the only determinant for the number of bundles of Brazilian hair you will need for sew in. Here are some other factors:

  1. Size of Head: the smaller your head, the smaller the number of bundles. For someone with a bigger head though, you might want to consider adding half a bundle to whatever you have selected.
  2. Length of weave: Longer weaves tend to require more bundles than the shorter ones because the longer it gets, the thinner the bundle becomes. So, the inch will determine the number of bundles to use for your sew in.
  3. Preference: Everyone cannot love the same thing. On this note, we can say that it is not everyone that appreciates the fullness of Brazilian weaves. Your preference will determine the number of bundles to buy. If you want a bogus hair, your bundles should be more. For inconspicuous hairstyle, you should buy or use lesser bundles.

How To Take Care of Your Brazilian Hair Sew In

Yes! Brazilian human hair is durable, but it also depends on the level of care and maintenance you give to it. Here are some tips on caring for your Brazilian weave:

Use silicon serum or spray: Silicon serum or spray will keep your hair silky, shiny. Mat-free, and tangle free. Be sure to use the serum in small quantity, so that you will not overwhelm the hair. For the spray, make sure the bottle is about 20cm away from your hair before you spray a minimal amount on it.

Brush it twice a day: Always brush it in the morning and at night before you sleep. To brush it properly, hold your weave in the middle, and gently brush out the tangles at the ends. Then make your way to the top slowly with gentle strokes and a detangling hair brush.

Use conditioner because it makes it softer.

Wash your weave at least once every week.

Never sleep with the wet hair after washing, air dry it instead. Blow dryer should only be used once in a while.

Apply hair cream, natural oils, and any other product you would use for your own natural hair.

Using Brazilian weaves for your sew in is fun once you know the correct number of bundles to use, how to take care of it, and what style to make. The best advice for the number of bundles will always come from your professional hairstylist, because they know your hair better.



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