10 Advises What Every “New Dad” Needs to Know Right Now

CONGRATULATIONS! I know it is a speechless moment for a newbie-mommy and newbie-daddy. I can totally understand all of those Goosebumps peeking out of your skin right now thinking of the future of your kid. But before that, new-daddy, let me tell you bitter truths and difficulties that are made easy cause of these Advices what every “New Dad” Needs to know. Even if you have read the entire baby book, you may still feel that you are not entirely prepared for dealing with the new member of the family.

Advices what every “New Dad” Needs to Know

Her Hormones will be on a rollercoaster ride


From giving birth, to changing hormones, recovering her body to taking care of the newborn all day along, your wife would want you to be understanding and supportive. Be patient and gentle with her during this time. Post pregnancy emotions can be like a rollercoaster ride and have a supportive husband can be a great difference in the recovery process. Post pregnancy exercises really help you know!

Her belly would not go immediately


If you think after having a baby her belly would just disappear, then you are wrong. It would take around 6-8 weeks for the uterus to get back in its normal shape however that is just for her uterus. After having a baby, her body is going to take more than that. She still may look like she is six or seven months pregnant; actually, it all depends on how much she gained weight during the pregnancy.

Communication is the key here


Once you have a baby, things are going to change completely. So it is important that you keep the communication lines open. This is one of the biggest advises what every “New Dad” needs to know right now. Being happy is easier when you communicate lovingly with your partner.

Breastfeeding is not easy, be understanding


New dads generally think that breastfeeding is something that comes naturally to the mother. This is not always true. Breastfeeding is hard for a lot of women, and she would want you to help her during this process. Generally, dads tell them how to help the mom during this process. Help her do little things like, getting the baby in the right position, burp the baby, help her with the breast pump, etc.

Traveling with a baby is not as messy as you’d expect


Traveling with a baby is generally an intimidating idea for most people but it could turn out to be the best time to travel. When you are traveling with an infant, all you need to make sure is that you got enough milk to feed him/her. So don’t be afraid of taking a trip with your baby, with a little planning, you could have a great and memorable holiday with the new member of your family.

Step up your game


While kids are a bundle of joy, sometimes there tantrums can frustrate you to no end. During such time you have to make sure that you don’t lose your cool; take a deep breath and think beyond your anger. And remember your baby has the right to act like a child however, you don’t.

Be there for her


This is probably one of the best advises what every “New Dad” needs to know right now. Sure there would be moments where you would know what to do or how to do, and you know what? That is completely okay. Just be there for her and be as supportive as you can. If you are clueless about certain things don’t walk away; ask your partner to help you with it.

It is okay to take a helping hand


You don’t have to figure out everything on your own, you certainly don’t have to take care of the baby all be yourself. When it comes to baby, people generally want to help and the fact is, you cannot do this all by yourself. If you feel like you want some help, then take a helping hand; there are people who are genuinely happy to help.

She is also new at this, so work with her


When your baby starts crying for whatever reason, don’t forget that your partner is also new to the whole parenting thing, just like you are. So, rather than leaving things to her, work together by helping her in every step.

Your partner wants you to show her some love


One of the best things that you can do to your child is, love the mother. By showing affection to the mother, you are setting an example for your kid what love is and how important it is. This is very important in creating a stable and peaceful environment.

You being a new dad don’t know anything about parenting however so is your partner. There is no hard and fast rule to parenting; just work together with your parent and you will figure things out on the way.





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