A Beginners Guide to Understand the Quality of Garments While Purchasing

Remember when you go for shopping with your mother? How she touches the fabric and studies it? Believe me as I say that it’s exactly the way the garments should be bought whether it is an outfit or a bed sheet or any other clothing material. Because you don’t want an unused item lying in the back of your wardrobe, do you? Imagine how will it feel, if you wake up one day and see that after just one wash, the blue shirt that you have worn just once is not blue anymore. Painful! Yeah, I know. You buy something with all your heart thinking that you will look the most pretty wearing it and now you can’t even look at that! Let’s not even talk about the precious bucks you wasted on it. Pfft! Such a dreaded thought.


But it’s not just a thought or an imagination. This actually happens that you lose the softness of fabric or lose its color after a wash. That it was so weak that it ripped apart so easily. This is because the fabric used to make it is frugal. And you, my dear, are better off from these stingy materials.

A Beginners Guide to Understand the Quality of Garments While Purchasing

So what do we do to prevent from buying such stuffs? The answer is simple. Look for quality! A quality is something that you must have in whatever garments you are planning to buy. And when I say quality, I don’t mean expensive. Nah-uh, don’t ever think that just because you’ve spent a lot of money on it so it will definitely be a high quality material. Now, how should we discover the quality of the material? For the beginner’s out there, don’t worry, it’s very easy. Just make sure you touch the fabric and keep in mind the following tips I’ve given below.

Cotton: Soft and Smooth, Loved by Everyone

The cotton fabric with long staple (individual fiber) length is considered of high quality. Now cotton is something that everyone can afford to buy. And you just need to make sure that the fabric you are holding is very soft to touch. Gentle on skin, light on flesh and you have a high quality cotton fabric. You might have stumbled upon a person sometime who was wearing a cotton shirt, and oh dear God; you were able to see right through it. If you don’t want to be that person, check for the thread density of fabric. The more the merrier! You want a cotton shirt not a transparent shirt.


Linen: Exceptional Coolness and Freshness in Hot Weather

Linen is a fabric with naturally smooth flax fibers that gives your clothes a natural look. While buying such fabric you need to take extra care. Remember that linen is not much elastic in nature. So don’t buy such pieces that already have some crease marks because it will rip apart easily. You might often see some slubs on the fabric but you need not to worry about it. They are intentionally comprehended to add the part of aesthetic appeal of an expensive natural product.


Denim: The Signature of Fashionable Fading

Denim! Cool jackets, sexy jeans and stylish look. But how often do you check the quality of it? Well, in most cases, not quite enough. So it’s good that there’s not much trouble to check the quality of denim fabric. Since, denim is made from cotton it will suffice to know the quality of cotton fibers that it’s made from. Besides it, you just make sure that the fabric is soft to touch and stretch, as you like. You will not wear it again if you find that it scratches your skin and won’t even let you move to the point of irritation. So check for flexibility as per your preferences. Don’t forget to buy the fabric that has only a small percentage (about 3%) of spandex to create a certain amount of “give” in the garment. Check the seams by stretching the denim and see if it pulls apart. If it does then it’s not the item for you. Also remember to check the stitching and see if the thread used is thick or not. Prefer the stitching with thick threads.


Wool: A Touch of Warmth

A cold winter night, a hot chocolate in your hand, sitting in front of the fire and covered by the softest wool. Hmm… Perfect! But keep in mind that softness is not the scale to measure the quality of woolen fabric. Some types of wool are softer than others. It just depends upon the rear of animals that produce it. The definition of high quality wool depends on the diameter, its yield and staple strength of the same. Wool is also separated into grades based on the measurement of the wool’s diameter in microns. Any wool finer than 25 microns can be used for garments. Now woolen garments are made from knitting, so you don’t want a loose strand of thread that you accidentally start pulling and the next moment you see your lovely sweater is ruined. If there are broken fibres on a garment, they would probably only multiply with regular wear. Pity! The amount of crimp corresponds to the fineness of the woolen fibers. So make sure that the knitting is perfect, no holes or gaps are present and that there are no pills.


Leather: Wild and Exotic

Quality of leather depends on its type of grains – the fuller the grains, better is the quality. No matter how appealing you look in the mirror wearing a tight leather garment while looking at your floor length mirror, you don’t want it to rip apart when you sit or bend a little. That will be so embarrassing! So quality leather garments is your solution. Now, leather is a material that can be creased easily. So do not purchase such pieces that already have scratch marks or creases. Two techniques are generally followed while making the garment – stitching and sticking with the glue. Though, preferring the leather material that is sewn together is a brainy decision. It might lighten your pocket a bit, but it will be worth it, I promise.


Synthetic: A Perfect Chemistry of Nature and Style

Now, synthetic fabric is a type of rayon and is something that makes your garments look more attractive. Gifted with the amazing texture similar to cotton and silk, it is more compared as compared to other synthetic garment. And if you want to maintain the allure of your fabric you must always check for its density before you buy it. It is best to check the texture of fabric in person. It should be soft and silky to touch. Never ignore the interlacing of threads. If it is perfectly woven together and does not rip apart if you stretch it a little then that’s it. Take it home and look pretty on it.


You should also remember to check the garments for their seams, buttons, pockets, zippers and such things. You don’t want to take it home and try and then realize that a few buttons are missing or the pockets are torn or the zippers seems to need no help for it to slide down. Oops! That will be one disaster that you don’t want to endure. So just follow these simple suggestions, make sure all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed and then. Voila! You have a perfect reliable wardrobe at your beck and call. At last, you need to see if the fabric looks good on you. You should buy the clothes that not only makes you look good but also feels good. Taking the extra time and care to make sure you love the fabric you are using is always worth it. That way you can have a wardrobe with perfect items.



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