9 Ways to Make Tights Work with Your Outfit

Once seen only at the gym or worn by those on the very cutting-edge of fashion, tights are now one of the most popular clothing items in America. They can be found in the newest contemporary streetwear lookbooks and even some forward-thinking workplaces throughout the country. Indeed, many people all over the country love to look for stylish tights to round out their outfits.

If you’re someone who hasn’t quite mastered the art of wearing tights yet, read on for a few tips to help you get started.

Use Socks over Them

Some people find that tights can be uncomfortable with certain types of shoes, as the thin material can sometimes cause unwanted friction. Using socks over tights can be a great way to prevent blisters and add some extra warmth during the fall and winter. Longer socks can also be a great way to give your outfit a completely different look. Try matching tights in solid colors with patterned socks or vice versa.

Check Out Footless Tights

Some shoes just don’t look right with regular closed-toe tights. If you’re going to pair your tights with heels, open-toed shoes, or socks, footless tights can be a good option. They’re a versatile choice that lets you retain the look of open-toed footwear while giving you the freedom and confidence of regular tights.

Use Them with a Dress You Feel Is Too Short for You

Do you have a cute dress that you can’t bear to throw away but don’t wear because it’s a bit too revealing for your taste? Try them with a pair of tights. If you have a dress or a skirt that you feel is just a bit too short, tights are the perfect way to get more use out of them. They’ll help cover you up while still preserving the silhouette that the dress was designed to create. Don’t be afraid to try them out with long dresses, skirts, and shorts, too! 

Try Out Different Opacities

When it comes to tights, opacity is just as important as fit and color. Not only do different levels of opacity and sheerness offer completely different looks, but the way they feel against your skin can vary as well. Sheerer tights also tend to feel cooler and may be better suited for use during warmer weather while thicker opaque tights can be a good choice for winter layers.

Avoid Pairing Them with a Tight Top at the Office

The form-fitting silhouette the right pair of tights gives you is part of their appeal. But it can also make it a challenge to wear them in a professional setting. Using a looser top that isn’t as form-fitting as your tights can help them look more passable for the office. You can then dress up or dress down your look depending on the shoes and accessories you wear. 

Pair Them with a Longer Top 

Even if you choose to use a fitted top with tights, a longer top that covers your behind can look more balanced for most body types. If you’re conscious about that part of your body, a longer top can help hide it so that you can still enjoy the freedom of movement that tights give.

Use a Long Cardigan or Blazer

As with longer tops, they’ll serve to hide a bit more of your backside and make your tights a bit more acceptable in a business casual setting. With the right pair of shoes, this combination can be a solid choice for any business casual or smart casual setting.

Go Full Athleisure

Athleisure is now the biggest thing in streetwear and going all-in with a sporty-looking hoodie can be a fashion-forward choice. Be sure to go with tights that have a sportier look if you want to cop this style.

Be Mindful of the Underwear You Use

Bright-colored undies can sometimes be seen even through opaque tights under certain lighting conditions. If this is a concern to you, you can use nude or gray undies to prevent unwanted contrast. Undies that are a similar color to your tights are a safe bet as well.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you want to try incorporating tights into your outfit. As long as you know what you’re doing, you’re sure to pull off all sorts of stylish yet practical looks.



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