8 Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wear Them

It’s not a cakewalk to pick a dress with the most perfect fitting from a pile of it. But when you do, you really consider it a big-scale achievement. Oh, that feeling when you know your dress will fit you as snugly as a hat fits a head! But then you decide on to give the dress a wash before you slip into it. What happens next? It goes two sizes down and you can no more fit into it. All hell breaks loose!

This is probably the biggest problem with shrinkable fabrics. But no matter how much you hate them, you can’t do without them. So, is there a way out? Yes, wash them properly and with caution and take good care of them. Let’s now check out some Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wash Them-

Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wear Them




Talking about Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wash Them, you can’t forget silk. This is an expensive fabric and is quite delicate to be given a machine wash. And that is why you should always hand wash silk, that too with cold water. Again, stains and spots shouldn’t be treated separately. If you find out such an issue, approach a dry-cleaning service provider.



Our discussion on Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wash Them also includes wool. Woolens needs special care. You can’t iron them improperly nor can you wash them the way you wash other fabrics. Give your woolens a hand wash with cold water, and don’t forget to use a mild detergent, preferably one meant for washing wool. Dry cleaning is also a great alternative.



Rayon is mostly made out of wood pulp. Nevertheless, washing it at home is not an applaudable idea. Always get it dry cleaned. Even if you have to wash it at home, make sure you wash it gently with some mild detergent, in cold water. And yes, air dry your rayon clothes to check shrinking.



You can always hand wash modal, a fabric obtained from processing the beech tree. But if you wish, you can machine-wash it too. Just wash it with warm water on gentle cycle. The rinses have to be cool. Avoid bleaching modal at all costs.



This flax plant derivative is a world-renowned fabric, as high-maintenance as anything can ever be. So, wash them with hands using cold or warm water, preferably cold, if the fabric is vibrantly colored. Neither too hot nor too cold is conducive for linen.



This fabric comes from cannabis plants, and has a tendency to shrink. To avoid that, wash your hemp clothes on gentle cycle of your machine using a detergent made of all natural or mild ingredients. Interestingly, you can wash hemp with water having any temperature.



Your favorite cotton clothes shrink when you don’t wash them with hands using cold water. That doesn’t mean they get ruined upon being washed in the machine. Just use the delicate cycle of your washing machine along with some mild detergent and cold/warm water and offer your cotton clothes a gentle wash. Also, always line dry cotton for best results!



It’s a goat hair fabric, extremely delicate and shrinkable. To prevent its shrinking, give it a hand wash with cold water. Use a detergent meant for woolens or cashmere clothes. Don’t wring anything after the washing has been done.

The info linked to Fabrics that Shrink and A Guide on How to Wash Them as dished out above will become your holy grail for sure. With these tips, you will neither fear buying shrinkable fabrics, nor hesitate washing them. You will never again have to put on and lose weight according to your clothes; they will stay true to their size!



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