7 Reasons To Hire A Professional Wedding Florist

Are you about to dive into the world of wedding planning? If you are, congratulations! It only means you finally found the love of your life, and you’ll be tying the knot sooner or later.

As exciting as wedding planning can be, you can’t help but also feel stressed and overwhelmed with the entire process. It involves a lot of decision-making before you eventually achieve your perfect wedding.

One of the decisions you need to make is whether you need to hire a professional wedding florist or not. Some of you may resort to DIY your wedding flowers in order to cut off costs and save your budget. However, hiring a professional wedding florist is more than just the cost; but your wedding day is also at stake.

To help you understand, here are the top seven reasons it’s best to hire a professional wedding florist:

Professional Advice

To begin, these professional wedding florists are experts in this field. They’ve been doing this for as long as possible and have been exposed to so many weddings that have helped expand their knowledge and experience in handling wedding flowers. Meanwhile, you may be fond of flowers, but that doesn’t mean you’re skillful enough to pull off an entire wedding flower arrangement.

Professional wedding florists like The Bouqs offers so many flower designs, styles, and combinations that you may have never thought of before. They can also provide you professional tips and advice about which flowers will suit best to your dream wedding. Their expertise will surely help you achieve a satisfying final result for your wedding day.


If their catalog doesn’t satisfy you, let their testimonials convince you otherwise. Most well-known wedding florists show off their past works and previous reviews and testimonials from their past clients to help you have a better vision with their professionalism and overall output. You may also ask for their website or social media accounts to help you decide if their floral arrangements match your needs.

Provide Clear Vision of What You Want

It’s normal to feel so confused during your wedding planning, especially if you’ve been bombarded with so many wedding choices on every side. Let the professional wedding florist take away some burden on your shoulder by leaving all the flower matters to themselves.

You probably don’t have a clear vision of what you really want for your wedding flowers with all the confusion. With their help, they can help figure out what you need for your wedding. You only need to give them pictures of your wedding dress or pictures of wedding flowers that inspired you, and they’ll give back feedback about what you need. 

Time Saver

One of your biggest enemies during wedding planning is time. If you planned your wedding day a bit too late, you’d most likely want to save yourself time from putting together all the flower arrangements on your own.

Thankfully, with a team of professional wedding florists, you need not worry about getting everything done before your wedding day. They’ll be the ones who’ll take care of keeping your wedding flowers fresh, presentable, and well-arranged in their designated places. All you need to do is focus on other important details of your wedding. 

Offer More Variety

As professional wedding florists, you can expect these people to be updated about the latest wedding flower trends you may have never seen on the internet before. Even if you’ve done your own extensive research about new flower arrangements, you may not have the skills and materials to do the arrangement yourself. Moreover, most wedding florists have done an in-depth study about color theory, making them capable of coming up with visually appealing floral arrangements. 

Professional Connections Within the Industry

You may wonder where professional wedding florists get their materials for their floral arrangements, as you seem not to find them in malls. For those who don’t know, most wedding florists, especially those who have been in the industry for so long, have some professional connection with other companies that can help them come up with unique floral arrangements. 

For instance, the ribbon they’re using may not be available in the mall as it’s only available from their partnered business. Or if you want to use some out-of-season flowers but can’t find for yourself, the professional florists have connections with flower planters, and they serve as their best source of flowers for all season. 

Offer Additional Add-ons

Some of you may opt to DIY your wedding flowers in hopes of saving some bucks. However, remember that aside from flowers, you also need to spend some money on other things like vases, ribbons, candles, vintage items, etc.

As a result, you end up paying more than you intend to do. Meanwhile, some professional wedding florists offer additional add-ons with their services. For instance, aside from floral arrangements, they could also offer free add-ons such as the use of candles, stylish flower vases, access to good-quality paper goods, or add floral decorations to your wedding cake.


As you see, there are way more pros to hiring a professional wedding florist. From providing unique floral arrangements, saving your time to providing add-ons and offering expert advice, you definitely get your money’s worth. So, take a step closer to achieving your dream wedding by hiring your most trusted wedding florist. 



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