6 Best Exercises for Frequent Heartburn Sufferers

When you suffer from frequent heartburn, the process of exercising and staying healthy can become a pain. Without the right precautions, you’ll find yourself bringing on heartburn episodes without meaning to, impeding your ability to exercise effectively as a result. Finding the right ways to keep fit while allowing your heart to slowly heal up in a way that will lower the frequency of your heartburn episodes is critical. To help assist you on this journey, here are six of the best exercises for frequent heartburn sufferers:

1. Low-Impact Cardio

Light jogging, walking long distances, and short but reasonably-paced runs are all great examples of cardio you can comfortably and safely perform while suffering from frequent heartburn. There’s an infinitely accessible nature to this workout, which makes it that much more ideal for anyone reading this list. If you find yourself still getting heartburn, slowly decrease the amount of cardio you’re performing until you find the perfect pace. Doing so will set you on the path to becoming healthier and getting your bothersome heartburn episodes under control.

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2. Light Free Weights

Cardio is the most effective, safest way to exercise if you experience frequent heartburn. However, proper use of light weights is a close second and can be combined with frequent cardio to help you form a great beginner’s, heartburn-friendly workout. Knowing how to use the weights effectively is essential, however, so consider taking a class at your local gym to keep from straining yourself in a way that will either injure you or make your heartburn more severe post-workout.

3. Stretching and Breathing-Based Exercises

Not all exercises need to be intensive, and some of the best heartburn-friendly exercises might not strike everyone as being exercises at all (although they certainly are). Even before your main exercises, stretching your muscles and getting your body amped up is essential to your workout being healthy and low-impact. Thankfully, with the right combination of breathing and stretching exercises, you can make a whole routine out of these simple movements, and will do wonders for boosting your overall mood as well. Once again, consulting a gym attendant or doctor about the best way to achieve this type of exercise in a healthy, safe fashion is highly recommended.

4. Swimming

Cardio does not have to happen on the ground! Some people dread the idea of having to walk or run long distances or have injuries that prevent them from doing so comfortably. Swimming is not only low-impact but a ton of fun. Thankfully, it’s also some of the best, most high-calorie-burning exercises you can perform. Heartburn sufferers often find themselves preferring swimming to walk or running, but the actual ability to find somewhere safe and healthy to swim is not always available, making this otherwise-excellent recommendation fall lower on the list. 

5. Yoga

Yoga has been gaining popularity at a steady rate since the early 2000s. The low-impact, but high-skill exercise style is known for creating fit, mind/body-conscious individuals, and is also perfect for those that have a hard time with more traditional exercises due to frequent heartburn episodes. Starting slow with yoga, and having the patience to slowly progress, is the key to making the most out of this difficult, but amazing exercise style. That being said, avoid poses where your head is hanging down at an awkward angle for long periods, as this can trigger and exacerbate heartburn episodes.

6. Stationary Biking

Depending on where you live, and how you get to work, you might already be a frequent cyclist. Not only is biking incredibly effective at reducing your carbon footprint, but the manageable, yet high-calorie burning cardio it provides you with is excellent for getting in shape. While overdoing it on a bike can potentially make your heartburn worse, reasonable, well-paced bike exercise is highly recommended for heartburn sufferers. However, if you’re just beginning to exercise regularly again, finding a stationary bike is recommended. For those who cannot quite handle the stresses and additional discomfort outdoor terrain can bring your way while biking, stationary indoor biking provides another alternative to help you stay healhty and heartburn-free.

The Gym Can Still Be Your Happy Place

Many exercise lovers assume frequent heartburn episodes will keep them out of the gym entirely. However, this could not be further from the truth. With these six exercises, you can still enjoy the pumped-up atmosphere of the gym and feel motivated to finally reach a level of fitness that will help you eliminate painful, frequent heartburn episodes. As you recover, you can continue to use these six exercise routines to keep heartburn issues out of your life forever.



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