10 Hair Care Tips For Those Extravagant Ombré Locks

It is subtle and flattering, and there is a version for every hair type, length, and colouring, yes! It is the Ombré and we bet bottom dollar on the fact that it will not be fading out of style so easily. Ombré has managed to stay up on the popularity list and blaze fire for quite a while. It can be a regular brunette’s ombré or a funky combination of never tried before ombré that shows off a bold and dramatic look. Whether you have straight hair or curly hair, you can easily find the Ombré that suits you the best. What are you thinking? Are you having second thoughts about whether you will be able to handle those bangs? Don’t worry; keep calm and read these Hair Care Tips For Those Extravagant Ombré Locks.

Hair Care Tips For Those Extravagant Ombré Locks


But First Thing First…

What Is Ombré Hair And How To Achieve It?

Ombré is a style in which the pigmentation from the lower ends of your hair is removed to create a natural darker to lighter hair look. Well, it is easy for blondes, but for brunettes to achieve a perfect ombré, it takes some steps more. Either you can add a blonder to your colour that will lighten your hair and give a perfect transition or you can choose traditional bleaching method, in which you have to bleach the lower ends and then deposit the colour. Summer hair color ideas might come handy after you learn enough about complexion and basic hair color caring tips.


What Ombré Will Suit You The Best?

There is a variety of colours to choose your ombré type, moreover, there are various trends but in order to achieve the best look, you should choose the ombré depending on your skin tone and complexion.


Determining Your Skin


There are six broad categories of skin complexion and two tones. While it is easy to determine complexion, it’s equally difficult to determine the tone. You may have either a warm or cool skin tone. You can try this trick to find out your skin tone.

  • Observe the change in your skin when you step out in the sun.
  • If it turns tan, then you have a warm skin tone.
  • If it turns red, then you have a cool skin tone.

Select Your Ombré


Once you figure out your tone, it is now time to choose the best colour. If you have a cool undertone, you should opt for warms colours as it makes you look vibrant and lively. For warm undertone, cool colours are the best.

For Dark And Caramel Complexion

It is a bad idea for you to go with cool colours like ash or blond as they make you have a contrasting look that looks awful. Opt for warm colours like caramel for warm tones and dark red or maroon for cool. Here are some stunning hair color ideas for ladies with the dark complexion who might find their hair’s one true love.

Whitish And Olive Skin

You look sexy in darker and warm shades! You may select colours like shades of red or caramel for warm tones and darker blonds or browns for cool. Stay away from very light hair colour as they create unflattering look on your skin.

Pale And Fair Skin

Colours on the light blonde and ash shade card are the pick for you. Select white blonde for warm skin tone and Beachy blonds or ash for cool skin tone.

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What Happens To Your Hair After Ombré?

Initially you look glamorous and sexy but after some washes, your hair goes haywire! Bleaching damages your hair as it removes hair pigmentation and there is no way of getting it back. You will see all the shine it had wash away and get frizzy unmanageable hair. Although ombré claims to cause less damage, you will see your tips getting split ends and rough like coconut wires. Hence, it is important that you make sure to understand how often to color your hair.

Hair Care Tips After Getting That Ombré


Give Them The Moisture Back

Ladies, there is nothing more gorgeous than those locks looking exceptionally healthy and graceful. However, for them to look that way, you have to take utmost care of it. Hair’s natural pigmentation carries colour and shine that will be lost once you bleach your hair. Therefore, to maintain those locks you need keep them conditioned and moisturized all the time by following methods below.

You cannot wash your hair every day or every alternate day if you get ombré done. Regular cleansing will wash off the colour of your ombré. You can wash your hair twice a week and before washing apply some warm coconut and almond oil with a cotton swab. Take care that the oil washes off when you shampoo. Use deep intense “colour safe” shampoos and conditioners. Don’t shy away from trimming off those dead split ends.

Lemon Rejuvenation

It is not a hidden fact anymore that lemon contains bleaching properties. You can use lemon juice to keep those blondes vibrant. Squeeze out lemon juice depending on the length of hair that you want to bleach naturally and apply over that section. Leave for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash with plain water. This will also make your hair shiny.

Say No To Heating Tools

Heating tools are your ombré’s biggest enemies as they suck out the remaining life of your hair. Avoid heating tools to manage those locks. You may, if necessary, blow dry your hair on a cool air mode of the dryer.


Use Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo makes ombré look classy and saves you from dull yellow tones. Leave it on hair for 1-2 minutes and rinse. Beware, purple shampoo stains your clothes and that’s the last thing you want to have.

Avoid Hot Water Baths

We know it feels heavenly to bathe with hot water but it damages colour treated hair. Already the hair has lost its pigmentation and hot water opens ups hair cuticles. This causes breakage and split ends as well as hair fall.

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Try Glossing Instead Of Bleaching

This method involves using weaker peroxide mixed with hair colour on your hair that gradually lifts up the natural tone and creates the ombré. It is much better that bleaching method and causes less damage.


Getting an ombré makes a drastic change in your personality. Moreover, it boosts up your confidence, as you look stunning in it. Although it has some cons, once you read these Hair Care Tips For Those Extravagant Ombré Locks and try them, you will fall head over heels in love with your new hair color.



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